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Funeral Wreath Flowers

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Funeral Wreath Flowers

What do funeral wreaths symbolise? They represent the circle of eternal life. Undoubtedly, funerals are mournful occasions, but they are also a celebration of life. Whether you are selecting a wreath studded with stunning roses, carnations and lilies, or you want something with hydrangeas and orchids, Prince’s Flower Shop can bring you funeral wreaths in Singapore. It can be daunting to start with an astounding variety of funeral flowers in Singapore. However, with our expert florists, you can choose a beautiful and thoughtful tribute to the dear departed with your funeral wreaths.

The Significance of Flowers in Funerals

Flowers have been used at every stage of life, from birth to death, throughout history. Flowers are a customary way to honour the departed in death, and they are emblematic of life’s fragile, transient essence. The natural beauty of flowers is supposed to alleviate some of the emotional load that comes with the visual images of funerals.

Flowers are utilised in funerals today for a variety of reasons. To begin with, they aid in emotional release, as it is sometimes difficult for grieving families to express their pain verbally. Sending flowers to the departed is a sign of respect, sympathy, and love.

Best Funeral Wreath Flowers in Singapore

A funeral wreath is a lovely addition to any funeral home or church’s decor. Prince’s Flower Shop has a wide selection of elegant funeral wreaths with pink roses, and yellow lilies in a circle or heart form. Flowers do so much more than consoling. They evoke awe and comfort people when they go through their biggest despair. Need fresh funeral flowers in Singapore to be delivered to the doorstep of the dear departed? Order funeral flowers from Prince’s Flower Shop now!

The Role of Funeral Wreaths in Singaporean Feng Shui

If you feel funeral wreaths in Singapore are just a gesture or are there for aesthetic purposes, you are deeply mistaken because they also have a significant role in Singaporean Feng Shui. Intertwined deeply with Chinese traditions and beliefs in the garden state, funeral flower wreaths are a symbol of being associated with our long-lost traditions. Singapore is known for its diversity; however many people there follow the Chinese Feng Shui customs to ensure harmony, balance and inflow of auspicious energies, even in the solemn context of funerals, and there’s no better way to channel positive energy into homes with stunning blooms.

Talking about the significance of funeral flower wreaths, according to Singaporean customs, the arrangement and design of the wreaths hold profound symbolism. You can go for a readymade or custom funeral wreath in Singapore from our site, depending on your requirements. Everything from the choice of flowers, hues and their placement within the wreath carries a specific meaning. For instance, while chrysanthemums are used for their association with longevity, white lilies embody purity and the peaceful rest of the deceased.

Colours also have profound symbolism. White symbolises purity and mourning; on the other hand, yellow and gold accents in the funeral flower wreath represent respect and wealth. Seasoned florists also understand the significance of the number of flower clusters in the wreath. For example, an arrangement with an even number of flowers is preferred, because odd numbers are considered inauspicious in Chinese tradition. In addition, professional florists also create wreaths in circular shapes to represent unity and continuity between Yin and Yang energies.

Why Choose Wreaths?

Do you know funeral wreaths in Singapore symbolise never-ending love and emotion? They are popular tributes typically placed on the grave to bid adieu to the eternal soul leaving the mortal world. A wreath is made out of flowers that are arranged in the shape of a circle or ring. They can be hollow or full circles, and their shape represents perpetual life. They can be constructed with a variety of flowers and come in a variety of styles. While some can be fairly bright and flashy, the majority of the time the tones are neutral, with white being the most popular for the condolence flower delivery.

Believe it or not, wreaths hold significant cultural significance in Singapore’s rich tapestry of traditions and values in its multicultural society. The circular arrangements epitomise various aspects of the Singaporean culture, including;

  • Unity and harmony. In Singapore’s diverse ethnic ecosystem, wreaths are a symbol of the coming together of different communities during difficult times,
  • Life and Death. Funeral wreaths in Singapore don’t just honour the dead or comfort the families of the deceased; they also celebrate life in its most glorious form.
  • Auspicious Symbol. Singaporean culture is a fusion of Chinese, Malay, Indian and other influences, and in every tradition, flowers are an auspicious symbol in solemn occasions like funerals.
  • Comforting the living. Wreaths are a way of closure for the family of the deceased. As the flowers start wilting away, people can see how life is momentary and how leaving the mortal world is integral to finding peace.

We send wreaths to funerals to express our condolences to the bereaved family. We sometimes use flowers to express our sympathies when words are difficult to find. In most faiths, sending a wreath to a funeral service is permissible. In some situations, instead of flowers, the family may choose to donate to a charity. It’s critical to honour the wishes of the family in these situations. People may donate and send flowers at the same time. Are you searching for a funeral flower wreath? Do you want funeral flowers in Singapore to convey your feelings for you? Then shop from the extensive collection of flowers at Prince’s Flower Shop now.

Types of Flowers used in Funeral Wreaths

When you choose a funeral wreath in Singapore, the flowers in the arrangement must tell the same story as the relationship you had with the concerned person. Based on if the deceased was a dear friend, the love of your life, a family member or a friendly acquaintance, here are some tips to make the right decision for floral wreaths:


Roses are popular and well-known funeral flower, with each colour having a somewhat distinct meaning. White flowers are the epitome of spirituality, innocence, and purity. The iconic deep red rose expresses affection and loss during a funeral. Friendship is often shown with the gift of a yellow rose. Dark pink roses, which are more difficult to come by, are used to offer gratitude to the bereaved.


If someone remarks, “This location smells like a funeral home,” there’s a good probability a lily is nearby. This intensely scented blossom is frequently regarded as the go-to funeral flower, and it has important value. Lilies signify that the soul of the deceased returns to a calm condition of innocence.


Unlike other flowers, the symbolism of chrysanthemums differs from country to country. The meanings in America and Europe are centred on sympathy and honour. The hue also has an impact on the meaning. White represents innocence, while red represents love.

Why Choose Funeral Wreath Flowers from Us

Are you looking for a reliable flower shop for same-day funeral wreath flower delivery in Singapore? Are you not sure about what flowers would be sensitive and what you should send to a grieving home during the funeral? Well, whether you are looking for sympathy flowers in Singapore, or you have something completely different in mind, you can trust Prince’s Flower Shop for 24-hour wreath delivery in Singapore without fail.

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1. When is a wreath suitable to send?

Wreaths are frequently brought to chapels, churches, and funeral homes, but they can also be delivered to memorial and wake ceremonies.

2. What should you write in a funeral message?

Because this is such a difficult moment for the family, it’s critical that your message be brief and to the point. Unless you are immediate family, card messages should simply express your condolences and be addressed to the person who sent the flowers.

3. Do you offer express delivery for funeral flowers in Singapore?

Yes, we do.

4. For a Funeral, Where Do You Send Flowers?

Customers have the option of sending flowers to the immediate family’s home, the funeral service, or both when they receive word that someone they know has died. If you want to send flowers to someone’s house, you’ll need to choose from our sympathy flower collection. If you prefer, you may send flowers directly to the funeral service by selecting from our funeral flower collection. Wreaths, sheaves, crosses, and casket flowers are the most common flowers given directly to a funeral service; the only difference is the design.


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