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Graduating is no easy feat. When a loved one is graduating from college, high school, technical school, or for that subject matter any graduating program, appreciating their efforts with graduation flowers is the least you can do. A person’s graduation day is one of those most memorable days that stays with them throughout their lives. Undoubtedly sending a gift is one brilliant option, but when you send someone a graduation bouquet, you resort to a thoughtful way to show how proud you are of them.

Prince’s Flower Shop brings you an extensive range of flower bouquets that don’t just acknowledge one’s biggest achievement on their graduation, the graduation flowers can also be customised to celebrate the blossoming bond that you share with the concerned person.

Wondering why you need to congratulate your loved one with a graduation bouquet on their life-altering accomplishment? Here’s our take on the subject matter.

Why Get Graduation Flowers?

Flowers have always been associated with human symbolism. The ancient Romans, for example, associated myrtle with Venus, the goddess of love, and flowers occur as family symbols in coats of arms. Many writers in the early nineteenth century translated the “language of flowers” to explain the various forms and hues of flowers.

If you’re wondering if you should surprise your loved one on graduation day with fresh, vibrant graduation flowers, we say definitely. Flowers bring joy and life to any occasion, and they’re the ideal companion for a graduating senior, friend, family member or acquaintance. Graduation is not just an event it is a milestone, and what can be a better way to celebrate a milestone than a stunningly arranged graduation bouquet.

We’ll look at numerous sorts of graduation flowers in this post to help you pick blossoms that say it all.

The Best Flowers to Give at Graduation

1. Roses

For thousands of years, roses have served as powerful symbols. Roses were utilised as confetti during celebrations and as a source of perfume in ancient Rome.

Roses are a well-known flower that represents love, beauty, and romance. Friends and family members might give roses to a graduate to convey their devotion and admiration, even though red roses are commonly given to significant others. If you’re not sure what kind of flower to purchase for a graduate, roses are a safe bet.

Roses come in a variety of colours, each with its own meaning. Consider what you want to say to a graduate and how a rose can help you communicate it in a loving way.

Here are the various rose hues and their associated meanings.

  • White roses represent a fresh start, purity, and sincere respect. To show your admiration for graduation, send lovely white roses.
  • Pink flowers are associated with joy. To commemorate the joy of graduation day, friends or family members may choose lovely pink flowers.
  • Yellow roses are a good choice for a graduate’s pals because they represent friendship, fresh beginnings, and joy.
  • Orange roses are a symbol of zeal and desire, and they infuse a place with vitality and happiness. Beautiful orange flowers are a good choice for anyone who wants their graduate to have a great future.

2. Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are soft, ball-like blooms that come in a variety of soothing colours like purple, pink, blue, and white. Hydrangeas are said to represent thankfulness for being understood in floral language. If your best friend or significant other is graduating soon, send them lovely hydrangeas to convey how much you value their friendship.

3. Sunflowers

Sunflowers are one of the favourite types of graduation flowers because they represent a happy cheery mood. However, the flowers are not just popular because of their aesthetic value, the yellow colour also symbolises positivity.

Best Graduation Flower Bouquets in Singapore

It takes some thought to choose the proper colour and type of flowers, but there’s never a bad time to send a graduation bouquet for a huge career benchmark. Present the flowers before the graduating ceremony begins if you’re gifting a corsage or boutonniere. When you do so, the graduate can take their certificate while wearing your brightly coloured gift.

If you’re offering a bouquet, do so as soon as the ceremony is over. The graduate can keep the bouquet in photos but won’t have to worry about where to put it when they walk across the stage. If you can’t make it in person but want to give a floral gift, send it as soon as possible before the graduation event. If you can’t be there in person and you are sending graduation flowers, you can choose the same or next-day delivery from Prince’s Flower Shop. It is our assurance that your dear graduate friends will receive the flowers on time.

Why Choose Graduation Flower Bouquets From Us?

Do you want Same Day Graduation Flower Bouquets Delivery in Singapore for graduation flowers or do you have something very specific for your near and dear ones at graduation? Get in touch with our team of florists now and they will create stunning flower arrangements for your friends, family or loved ones who are achieving a major milestone in their life. At Prince’s Flower Shop, we work with sheer dedication to create customised graduation bouquets for our esteemed clients.

Still, searching for graduation flowers near me or the best graduation flowers in Singapore? Contact us now at Prince’s Flower Shop.

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1. When should I give a graduation flower bouquet?

When you are attending a graduation ceremony, give the flowers as soon as the event is over. Everyone will be racing to visit their graduate friends right after the ceremony. Your graduation plush bouquet will stand out in the crowd among the hugs and tears.

2. Can I get graduation flowers for men?

Of course, you can get graduation flowers for men. Irrespective of gender or preferences, almost everyone likes flowers because they instantly lift people’s moods and make them happy.

3. Can you deliver the bouquet if I am not there?

Yes, we can deliver a graduation bouquet in Singapore on your behalf. When you are out of town, the flowers arranged and delivered by our team can be a representation of your love and presence.

4. Can you also deliver theme floral table arrangements or centrepieces for guest tables in graduation ceremonies?

Yes, we can.

5. Can you make graduation hampers for my loved ones?

Of course, we can. Along with flowers, we can also add other elements like a graduation bouquet with a bear if you ask us to do so.


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