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Flower Bouquet

Flowers are one of nature’s best gifts to express love, make someone smile and convey your emotions effortlessly. Giving flowers is a tradition that has been passed down through generations in every culture. For generations, a fresh bouquet of flowers has been one of the most popular gifts to offer, and it’s easy to see why. Flowers are great for any occasion because they are a wonderful way to brighten someone’s day. Flower bouquets are an ultimate way to surprise people of all ages. Delivering fresh floral bouquets to the doorstep can be an excellent idea to surprise anyone and make them smile.

Are you searching for flower bouquets for your loved ones? Prince’s Flower Shop brings you an extensive range of floral arrangements ranging from table flower arrangement to hand bouquet in Singapore.

Top Rated Florist in Singapore

As a leading service provider for flower bouquet delivery in Singapore, Prince’s Flower Shop offers you an excellent variety of flowers for different occasions. Whether it’s a birthday or anniversary, baby shower or a simple thank you, Prince’s Flower Shop can transform your heartfelt wishes into magical flowers that communicate your intangible emotions. At Prince’s Flower Shop, customer expectations are our top-most priority. Irrespective of the occasion, we can create personalised flower bouquets for our customers within a relatively cost-effective price range. 

Flowers For Different Occasions

Spanning from births to funerals, flower bouquets make the perfect gift for almost every occasion. Whether you get a single, long-stemmed red rose or a bouquet of different blooms, you are offering an expression of emotions that you cannot conventionally convey through words. Are you unsure or confused about the type or color of flower that is appropriate for different occasion? Then we might have some information for you regarding the perfect floral order.

Well, almost every flower has a historical significance associated to it that communicates a message to the recipient or visitors at an event such as a wedding. A tansy flower, for example, is a member of the daisy family with bright button-like heads, yet to some, it indicates that you’re sending “hostile thoughts,” while to others, it signifies “health and immortality.” On the other hand pink carnations are associated with “gratitude,” striped carnations are associated with “refusal,” and yellow carnations are associated with rejection. Roses symbolise love, whereas lilies symbolise purity. So, what do you want your flower bouquets to symbolise?

Floriography- The Language of Flowers

Floriography is known as the language of flowers. Floriography was quite popular during the Victorian era. Every flower has a distinct meaning and according to floriography, here is how you can customise the flowers on your special day.

  • Wedding flowers

Many couples believe flower arrangements and bouquets to be an essential factor to consider during the planning process, regardless of the size or location of the wedding. Wedding flower trends shift from year to year, with colours and styles corresponding to current fashion and home décor trends. Many couples like to select flowers in accordance with the season of their wedding.

  • Flowers for Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s Day, lovers have historically given flowers that symbolise their particular bond. The rose, in all of its glorious hues, remains the most favoured flower for this day. The red roses symbolise passion, whereas white embody chaste love. Coral roses signify desire, pink ones define admiration and primroses define new beginnings or new love.

  • Birthday Blooms

The ideal birthday gift is a stunning floral bouquet. In birthday blooms, yellow roses (friendship) are quite hyped. Birthday bouquets should be picked based on the recipient’s favourite flowers or those that represent a particular facet of your connection with them. Aside from yellow roses, here are some more flowers to consider for a birthday bouquet:

  • Carnations in pink symbolise thankfulness.
  • Remember me forever, forget-me-nots
  • Geraniums embody comfort and real friendship.
  • Jasmine is a flower that exudes grace and elegance. 
  • Special Occasion Flowers

Flowers are a vibrant way to commemorate a significant event, such as a job promotion, prom corsage, wedding anniversary, or graduation. Almost any flower will do, but you can make it even more special by paying attention to the symbolism of specific varieties:

  • Camellia is synonymous with quality and finesse.
  • Daffodils are symbols of truth and forgiveness.
  • Daisies represent innocence and fun.
  • Dahlias are a symbol of change and excitement.
  • The iris is a traditional 25th anniversary flower that represents faith, bravery, and knowledge.
  • Love, luxury, beauty, charm, and strength are all attributes associated with orchids. 
  • Mother’s Day Blooms

It’s easy to choose a flower for Mother’s Day because all you have to do is choose her favourite. Roses, lilies, and orchids are commonly used in Mother’s Day bouquets. Consider sending her a spring bouquet with a variety of blossoms if she enjoys them all. Here are a few ideas for Mom:

  • Gerbera daisies symbolise happiness.
  • White lilacs evoke the joy of childhood and the innocence of youth.
  • Mother Lily-of-the-Valley: sweetness, pure love Daylilies: mother Lily-of-the-Valley: sweetness, pure love
  • Sunflowers for dwarfs: affection
  • Tulips in red: a pledge of love
  • Tulips in yellow: a sunny grin 

Why Choose Flower Bouquets from Us?

Need Same Day Flower Bouquet Delivery in Singapore? Want to get a bouquet of flowers for your special occasion? Then Prince’s Flower Shop can be your one-stop solution. We have floral bouquets ideal for all sorts of personalised requirements. Compiled from the freshest blooms, our flower arrangements are one of a kind. 

Prince’s Flower Shop- Your Premier Online Florist in Singapore

Are you looking for a ray of sunshine in your home that connects you to the purest form of nature? Flowers are your answer! If you want someone to experience nature’s bliss in its most authentic form, there’s no better option than flower bouquet delivery. At Prince’s Flower Shop, we understand how flowers are so much more than a compliant of sepals or petals, they are one of the most powerful ways of conveying your sentiments. With a clear focus on creating stunning floral arrangements that can convey every emotion, we can be your trusted partner for exquisite flower bouquet delivery in Singapore. Our trusted florists don’t just understand the flowers, they arrange flowers in a way that they can help you express your emotions with the freshest and most captivating blooms.

Our Floral Collections

  • Bouquets: Our handcrafted bouquets are the perfect way to say “I love you,” “Congratulations,” or “Get well soon.” Choose from a wide variety of designs and flower types, all expertly arranged to make a lasting impression.
  • Roses: Roses are a timeless symbol of love and passion. Our collection includes classic red roses, as well as an array of other colours to suit any occasion.
  • Occasion-Specific Arrangements: Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, wedding, or any other special event, we have the perfect floral arrangement to suit the occasion.
  • Sympathy and Funeral Flowers: Express your condolences and sympathy with our thoughtfully designed sympathy and funeral flower arrangements. We understand the importance of sensitivity during difficult times.

What makes us the one-stop destination for flower bouquets?

  • Freshness Guaranteed: We source our flowers from local and international growers to ensure the highest quality and freshness. Your recipients will enjoy vibrant, long-lasting blooms.
  • Convenient Online Ordering: Ordering flowers has never been easier. Browse our website, select your preferred arrangement, and complete your purchase in just a few clicks.
  • Same-Day Delivery: We offer same-day flower delivery in Singapore for orders placed before our cut-off time, making it effortless to surprise your loved ones.
  • Versatility: We provide flower bouquet delivery services throughout Singapore, covering a wide range of locations and neighbourhoods. Whether you are sending flowers to a friend in Tampines, expressing your love in Bukit Timah, or celebrating a special occasion in Jurong, we have got you covered.

Still on the lookout for flower bouquet delivery? Well, whether it’s last minute or you had your gift planned, we can deliver it for you. Contact us today or visit our website to make a purchase!

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1. Do you offer anniversary flowers?

Yes, we do offer anniversary flowers in Singapore.

2. Can you create a flower bouquet for my friend’s birthday?

Yes, our expert florists can do that.

3. Do you offer express delivery?

Yes, we do.

4. Can I get a quote for bulk order?

Yes, you can. Contact us for more information.

5. Can you get me a bouquet of carnations, roses and lilies?

Yes, we can.


Carol T
Carol T
one of my most fav nurseries out of many i’ve explored in SG. it’s conveniently located near bukit panjang mrt. above all, the prices are reasonable (esp various types of soil mix, fertilizers, pesticides & pots). i’ve bought many plants here; on my lucky days i managed to buy a few rare caladiums and begonias! 😀
Francis Soh
Francis Soh
A lot of varieties of flowers to choose.
Guangmian Kung
Guangmian Kung
Some of the kindest people you will see around the area, and their flowers and plants are great in price and selection.
always bought flowers from here and they always look exceptional and beautiful. thank you so much for the flowers as always!
Jen Vernis
Jen Vernis
Purchased twice at this shop. Good services and reasonable price.
Rasyad Rahman
Rasyad Rahman
Have been ordering flowers from Prince's since 2011 and i have been happy with their quality and service for the past decade. Bought flowers for delivery yesterday and the bouquet was beautiful. Service is great and the flowers looks better than the photos.
Wan P
Wan P
Huge, fresh flower bouquets for really really cheap. They even gave me a discount. Why would I bother going to any other florist?
Brandon YEO
Brandon YEO
Bought fresh cut flowers for my bai bai table. Lots of variety to choose from, excellent service and well-mannered and knowledgeable sales team. Affordable and value for money prices right here fam Thanks, will patronise again huat ah
Your 'go to' place to buy fresh flowers & exotic plants in the west. Large variety of plants & gardening tools available on demand. Staff were helpful & friendly. Five stars!!
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