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Dazzling, versatile, small and classy, the baby’s breath bouquets are one of the most popular varieties offered by florists. You can easily spot this spectacularly incredible flower in a variety of bouquets on its own or in a mix alongside other blooms. Baby’s breath flowers aren’t just remarkably eye-catching; they also have deep symbolisms. Want to find out more or get a baby’s breath bouquet in Singapore? Well, Prince’s Flower Shop can come to your rescue. Order now and get same-day delivery along with an astounding range of varieties.

Baby’s breath bouquets look absolutely ethereal with their delicate blooms. They have captured the hearts of flower enthusiasts for generations, and we would say for all the right reasons. The stunning bouquets with dainty blossoms are renowned for their timeless elegance and versatility. The tiny, cloud-like flowers are typically characterised by their air appeal and, hence were originally used as fillers in bouquets. However, unlike the good old days when they used to complement different floral arrangements, now these flowers have a charm of their own. Whether you are planning a wedding, looking for a heartfelt gift, or simply want to brighten your space, our Baby’s Breath bouquets are a perfect pick.

A Scientific Overview

Gypsophila, or baby’s breath as it is more popularly known, is a popular flower filler used by florists and flower shops because to its appealing and robust character. Baby’s breath bouquets aren’t just used for their symbolism or aesthetics, the well-known filler is also used for its variety. Gypsophila is the carnation family’s largest genus, with over 150 species of annual and perennial plants. It can grow to a height of 15-90 centimetres, depending on the species. Each bloom releases miniscule seeds, but some are preserved, and as the flower stalk dries, the entire plant can be blown loose, becoming tumbleweed that serves to disperse the seed across large distances.

Celebrating the symphony of colours

Most people believe that selecting Baby’s Breath bouquets means sticking to the mundane white hues. However, this isn’t true. Contrary to popular belief, Baby’s Breath is not limited to its traditional white colour. At Prince’s Flower Shop, we have an extensive array of options for baby’s breath, including pink, lavender, and even yellow. No matter what’s your special occasion, our vibrant shades can add a pop of colour and uniqueness to your bouquets, so you can convey your heartfelt sentiments in the most cheerful way possible. Are you searching for a stunning bouquet for your special event? Don’t shy away; browse our website today!

Historical Overview

During the Victorian era, when Victorian gardeners adored pure white floral displays and gardens, Baby’s Breath made its way to the United States of America in 1828. They were popular in Africa, Eurasia, and Australia before being imported to America. Victorian gardeners were enamoured with them and gave them the moniker “Baby’s Breath flowers.”

Best Baby’s Breath Bouquet in Singapore

Eastern Europe is home to baby’s breath flowers. Gypsophila is the common name for them. The name “Baby’s Breath” comes from its lovely and innocent appearance, which resembles that of a small child. Million stars, Xlence, and Mirabella are the most prevalent Baby’s Breath flowers in Singapore. Among the three, Million Stars has the smallest floral size, followed by Mirabella and Xlence, which have the largest. They are often used for a variety of occasions, and their small size makes them easy to arrange in a bouquet. Apart from that, it is readily available and available throughout the year. Need a stunningly arranged baby breath bouquet in Singapore? Get in touch with the experts at Prince’s Flower Shop to arrange a bevy of the prettiest baby’s breath in Singapore.

Baby’s Breath Meaning and Symbolism

The typical white tint of baby’s breath is associated with feelings of eternal love, purity, and affection. They’re also associated with marriage, children’s purity, and birth, and they’re sometimes presented as gifts to expectant moms.

Furthermore, baby’s breath has grown to be connected with relationship dedication, not simply sexual relationship devotion, but it can also reflect familial or friendship devotion. It is thought to symbolise the Holy Spirit’s might in Christianity.

Baby’s breath comes in a range of colours, each with its own meaning.

  • White is connected with spirituality and unity.
  • Purple denotes beauty and nobility
  • Orange is related with positivity and joy.
  • Blue is associated with honesty.
  • Pink is associated with a gentle spirit.
  • Red is associated with love and passion.

Same Day Baby’s Breath Bouquet Delivery in Singapore

Do you want petite fleur in Singapore? Are you looking for baby’s breath flowers for your loved ones? Then Prince’s Flower Shop brings you everything ranging from purple to white baby’s breath flowers that can make people swoon over the delicate blooms. Pink baby’s breath flowers are frequently used to show love, gratitude, and admiration. They can also indicate elegance and femininity. White baby’s breath flowers are often associated with innocence, purity, and young love.

This plant’s white variant is very easy to dye in practically any colour. Red, purple, blue, and yellow and even rainbow baby’s breath are also available at Prince’s Flower Shop. As a result, you can pick any colour of baby’s breath to match your mood, a friend’s favourite colour, or a particular event.

Occasions for Gifting Baby’s Breath

  • Our skilled florists in Singapore can create a floral arrangement with Baby’s Breath for new-born bouquets.
  • You could also use these as a wedding bouquet to make your wedding even more ideal for you and your love. Nothing more exemplifies everlasting love than spending the rest of your life with the person you care about the most. With beautiful flowers as your wedding bouquet, the most important event in your relationship will take on a new meaning.
  • Another option is an anniversary bouquet; whether you’re commemorating a wedding anniversary or another significant event in your relationship, Baby’s Breath flowers are ideal. Nothing would make the love of your life happier than receiving floral arrangements that symbolise eternal love and purity.
  • Finally, Baby’s Breath flowers are appropriate for a graduation celebration. These flowers also represent freedom and self-discipline, whether it’s your daughter, son, best friend, or someone special to you. These are your way of letting them know that it’s time for a new chapter in their exceptional lives, and that they have the self-discipline to take on a new adventure.

Caring for your Baby’s Breath Bouquets

One of the most heartbreaking things about flowers is bidding adieu to their natural beauty, and baby’s breath bouquets are no exception. However, if you want to ensure the longevity of your Baby’s Breath flowers, you can always do that with proper care. The delicate blooms of Baby’s Breath thrive in clean water, so ensure to regularly trim their stems. In addition, change the water and keep the flowers away from pests to keep them fresh and beautiful. Need help with caring for your tiny blooms of Baby’s Breath? We are always there to assist you!

Why Choose Us for Baby’s Breath Flower Bouquet?

At Prince’s Flower Shop versatility is the key. Our team of skilled florists can put together baby’s breath flower in their most glorious hues. Ranging from the cost to the variety, everything at Prince’s Flower Shop is about perfection. Ordering your Baby’s Breath bouquet from Prince’s Flower Shop is easy and convenient. You can browse our selection online, call our friendly team for personalised assistance, or visit our brick-and-mortar store to handpick your favourite blooms. We also offer same-day delivery to ensure your baby’s breath bouquet arrives fresh and on time, no matter the occasion.

Contact us now to get a baby’s breath bouquet delivered to your doorstep.

Your Baby’s Breath Bouquet Awaits

Incorporate the delicate beauty of Baby’s Breath into your life with the exquisite bouquets from Prince’s Flower Shop. Whether you are celebrating love, friendship, or any special moment, these blooms can surely leave a lasting impression. Explore our collection, order your baby’s breath bouquet, and let the timeless elegance of the dainty blooms grace your world.

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1. Can you create different flower arrangements with fresh or dried baby’s breath?

Yes, we can. In fact, we can create different combinations like sunflower with baby’s breath, baby’s breath and peonies, and roses with baby’s breath to create rainbow flower bouquets that represent the vibrant hues of nature.

2. What is baby’s breath flower?

Baby’s breath is a floral plant with small flowers that are typically pink or white. The flowers have a sweet, light fragrance that can easily complement different flowers in a bouquet, so the flowers are used as fillers.

3. Can I dye baby’s breath on my own?

Dying flowers requires precision and of course the right colors. So, instead of dyeing blooms on your own, we suggest that you drop in our floral garage in Singapore for dyeing your baby’s breath bouquet, or flowers.

4. What is the symbolism of baby’s breath in Chinese?

In the Chinese culture, Baby’s breath symbolises sincerity, love, purity, compassion, innocence, everlasting love and romance, depending on their colours.

5. How much is baby’s breath?

If you have any queries about baby’s breath cost or baby breath flower delivery in Singapore, you can reach out to the experts at Prince’s Flower Shop.


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