FAQs Page

1.0 (Delivery Service)

What kind of delivery service you provide and what are the charges like?

Delivery Type Description Charges
Standard Delivery Usually Free delivery. Free of charge (Subjected to change without prior notice)
Special Timing Order must be made at Least 4 hours in advance. Delivery within 2 hours timing. $20.00
Express Delivery Delivery within 4 hours upon receiving order. $35.00
VIP Delivery Specific timing. $70.00
Wee Hours Delivery 12am to 6am $50.00
Re-Delivery Our customer service will contact you to schedule a redelivery if needed 50% of the actual price or $20 (For non-flowers product)

1.1 (Standard Delivery)

What are the cut off timings and timeslots for Standard delivery?

Delivery Schedule

(Cut off timing means the time slot will not be available for selection after the timing have passed)

Day Delivery Timing (Singapore Time) Cut Off Timing (Singapore time)
Monday 9am to 1pm 4.30pm (previous working day, Saturday)
1pm – 5pm 11.30am (same day)
5pm – 9pm 4.30pm (same day)
Tuesday, Wednesday

Thursday, Friday


9am – 1pm 4.30pm (previous day)
1pm – 5pm 11.30am (same day)
5pm – 9pm 4.30pm (same day)
Saturday, Sunday No Deliveries till further notice NIL
Public Holiday 9am – 5pm 4.30pm (previous working day)

1.2 (Recipient not in and Redelivery)

What can I do if the recipient is not present at time of delivery due to unforeseen circumstances?

Please ensure that the delivery address is correct and that the recipient is present to receive the flowers.
In the event that the recipient is not around, our drivers or customer service officer will get in touch with you or the recipient (if allowed) immediately.

  • A 5 minutes grace will be given. If you or recipient cannot be reached within 5 minutes
    The flowers will be placed outside the doorway. (Delivery will be considered completed and we will not be held responsible for the item afterwards.)
  • In the event where the flowers cannot be placed outside the doorway (Gated house/No shelter), the item will be sent back to main office where our customer service will contact you to re-schedule a re-delivery.
  • Re-delivery is subjected to charges.

What are the charges and how do I schedule for re-delivery?

Delivery timeslots and dates are subjected to availability of our drivers.

Delivery Type Description Charges
Re-delivery for flowers Flowers will return to main office.

Our customer service will contact you to reschedule the re-delivery.

Our florists will touch up the flowers before sending them out.

50% of original price.
Re-delivery for non-flowers product Item will return to main office.

Our customer service will contact you to reschedule the re-delivery.

Our florists will touch up the items before sending them out


1.3 Special Delivery

What are the cut off timings and timeslots for Special delivery?

Day Delivery timing (Singapore Time) Cut Off Timing (Singapore Time)
Monday 9am – 11am 4.30pm (previous working day, Saturday)
11am – 1pm 4.30pm (previous working day, Saturday)
1pm – 3pm 9am (Same Day)
3pm – 5pm 11am (Same Day)
5pm – 7pm 1pm (Same Day)
7pm – 9pm 3pm (Same Day)





9am – 11am 4.30pm (previous working day)
11am – 1pm 4.30pm (previous working day)
1pm – 3pm 9am (Same Day)
3pm – 5pm 11am (Same Day)
5pm – 7pm 1pm (Same Day)
7pm – 9pm 3pm (Same Day)

1.4 (Express Delivery)

What are the cut off timings and timeslots for Express delivery?

The time range and cut off timing are stated in the table below.

Day Description Charges
Monday to Friday Delivery Within 4 hours upon receiving the order.

Opening timing 9am(Same Day)

Cut off timing 4.30pm(Same Day)

Sunday and Public Holidays
No express delivery services on Saturday,
Sunday and Public Holiday.

2.0 (Regarding Prince's Products)

How are floral products designed and arranged at Prince’s?

Each Prince’s floral products is carefully crafted by our experienced florists to bring satisfaction to the person receiving it. All the products seen on the website, or on our catalogue will be reproduced as closely as possible.

Are Prince’s products customizable?

Yes definitely! If you wish to share with us your special floral design ideas, we are more than happy to accept your order. Kindly reach out to us at flower@prince.com.sg. We will get in touch with you within the next working day.

What about Add-On Gifts?

Ranging from soft and lovable Plushies, to Sweet delights, Health supplements, Wines and Special balloons. The choices are limitless when picking a suitable add-on gift for your loved ones.

Does Prince’s Flower Shop offer landscaping services like Stage Decorations, Green Walls, Corporate events or Weddings?

Yes definitely! From Long and Low floral arrangements to wedding car flower decorations. We provide customizable arrangements to suit your desired theme and budget. You can visit our portfolio here.

3.0 (Regarding Payments)

What payment methods do you offer?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express credit cards, eNets, Paypal and bank transfer*.
All transactions made on our site are secure
Payment amount are charged in SGD inclusive of Goods and Services tax.
*For bank transfer please select cash payment upon checkout, we will contact you within 20 minutes with details for the transfer.

How do I know if my online payment transaction is secure?

Security is one of Prince’s top priority. Your transaction is processed base on latest industry security standards. Online payments are carried out within a secure payment zone. Be sure to look out for the padlock symbol during the transaction process page.

How about offline orders?

Payments for offline orders like corporate cheques and bank transfer are accepted, kindly contact us at 6766 7000 for more details.
However do take note that offline orders will be including a delivery fee GST inclusive. (Free Delivery promotion is only for orders made online.)

For ATM or online bank transfers
Prince’s Flower Shop Pte Ltd account: DBS Current Account (A/C 024-009584-3)
Fax or WhatsApp the deposit slip to us at 6769 7000 or 8332 7000 respectively.

What should I do if I encounter problems when making payments with my debit/credit card online?

Kindly contact us at Facebook live chat, 6767 0000 or submit a ticket at our Customer Support Ticket
Be sure to have the following information ready to smooth out the troubleshooting process:
-Date and time error occurred
-Error message(s)
-Type of debit/credit card used
-Browser type (Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.)
-Contact number

4.0 (Regarding Accounts)

I was previously a member at Prince’s old website, can I still use the same account?

For security reasons, we decided to delete all personal data we have collected previously to set up your account. Transferring of data is not 100 percent risk free and we do not wish to leak any valuable personal data you stored with us.


Is there an option to create a corporate account if I am ordering on behalf of my company/corporate?

Yes definitely! However do take note only companies are eligible for corporate account. Simply fill up this form and email the completed form to flower@prince.com.sg, upon affirmation by our Prince’s team, your account will be created together with a notification email send to you.

Benefits of corporate account

  • Credit term billing (Offline payment methods)
  • Up to 15% corporate discount on all orders made
  • Reminder list available if you wish to do gift giving for employees or business associates
  • Promotions exclusively for your company members if available

Kindly take note that the billing address must be the same as the company address used to register the corporate account, if found otherwise, the corporate account will be terminated immediately.