Our History

“Rome wasn’t built in a day”. This expression can be used to describe the floral business empire started by Mr. Tan Peng Kheok. His businesses are like the flowers he grew; They braved the storm, but also relished in the refreshing, breezy days filled with warm sunlight. In the end, the flowers grew from a mere seed, into a dazzling, strong floral plants.

In 1956, Mr. Tan Peng Kheok used 70 dollars as capital to fund his flower trade. He began selling the flowers on the streets of Singapore.

A decade later Mr. Tan Peng Kheok opened his first flower retail shop, Prince’s Flower Shop Pte Ltd. Business was booming , Eventually crowning Mr. Tan Peng Kheok as South East Asia’s King of Flowers.

As years went by, Prince’s Flower Shop Pte Ltd maintained it’s vibrant success, giving the number 70 a special place in Mr. Tan Peng Kheok’s heart.