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Table Flower Arrangement

This season, do you want to freshen up your home with unique, colourful blooms? Are you looking to recreate some stunning centrepieces for your space with a table flower arrangement? Then Prince’s Flower Shop brings you budget-friendly blooms with warm, rustic hues. Our experts can create a unique cornucopia of colours by arranging your favourite autumn blooms in bewitching flower arrangements.

Whether you have a special occasion planned right around the corner, or you need table flowers to be your festive centrepiece, we have an extensive collection of table floral arrangements to suit your preferences. The best part of our floral arrangements for tables is they offer so much more than an aesthetic appeal. Our stunning blooms can bring a touch of nature into your indoor spaces and significantly boost your mood at any point in time with their vibrant shades. Looking for table flowers to add colour, texture and natural hues to your overall décor? Well, whether you prefer a contemporary, minimalist look, or you prefer more of a maximal, vintage personality, we have flowers to create a sense of comfort and warmth to your tables and make your space more appealing than any conventional, artificial décor.

Instantly perk up your room with vividly colourful table arrangement flowers in Singapore. Prince’s Flower shop brings you vibrant table flower arrangements within your budget. Whether you are looking for some aesthetic combinations for the fall season, or you want something colourful representing the hues of the rainbow in the spring, our table flowers can look like pieces of heaven decorated beautifully as your home’s centrepiece.

Best Table Flower Arrangement in Singapore

Why just your home? Even if you are planning a celebration and you want aesthetic flower centrepieces created in a multitude of shapes, sizes, and colour palettes, Prince’s Flower Shop can customise the floral arrangements accordingly. Whether it is a moody autumn celebration or a springtime soiree, seasoned experts have flower centrepiece ideas for every occasion. In fact, even if you are planning a wedding, reception, birthday or a baby shower, our flower arrangements in a vase can complement any occasion fantastically.

Did you know studies have shown that even the mere sight of flowers can reduce stress and anxiety levels? Having the bold hues of flowers on your table can have a calming effect on your mind and help you relax and unwind. Whether you are getting table flowers for your home, or you are gifting it to someone else, they can be the best form of nature’s therapy after a long, tiring day. The hues and scent of flowers have a profound impact on increasing our productivity and triggering positive emotions. They can help you combat feelings of remorse or fatigue and create a rejuvenating environment indoors. Now, what’s stopping you from getting our stunning floral arrangements for your table?

What Colour Flowers Would Suit Your Table flower Arrangement

It doesn’t have to be difficult to make a classic mixed-flower arrangement. Our florists make beautiful bouquets for you using these flower arrangement ideas.

  • Full Flower Arrangement

Using an unseen framework inside a broad ornamental bowl, create a dense pile of flowers. Biodegradable florists foam is used to line the bowl. Place a full rose or carnation in the centre of a foam block, so that it reaches out a few inches above the edge of the bowl. Other huge blossoms should be placed around that flower. As you fill the bowl with flowers, rotate it to ensure that the blooms in the table flower arrangement are filled evenly and symmetrically.

  • Three-Tiered Arrangement

For huge, complete bouquets, long-stemmed flowers are ideal. To make things easier to arrange, choose a few tones of the same colour; so you only have to balance light and dark, rather than multiple colours. Lilies and hydrangeas in various colours were chosen. Remove any leaves that might otherwise be submerged in water from the stems. Place the tallest flowers in the vase, then trim half of the other flowers’ stems so that the heads fall an inch or two below the tallest bloom. Place in a vase and arrange evenly. Gather the remaining stems slightly over the vase’s lip and arrange them in bunches at the bottom. Wild roses can be used to fill up any gaps.

  • Vase Decoration Ideas

For a basic, traditional flower arrangement, we fill a tall vase with long-stemmed flowers. Roses, sunflowers, and lilies are examples of flowers with long stems. We cut the flower stems at an angle to make centrepieces that are roughly twice as tall as the vase. Then we line the interior of the vase with tropical leaves (or another form of broad foliage) to disguise stems inside a clear container.

  • Pink Table Flower Arrangement

Make an eye-catching floral arrangement by yourself. Begin with a consistent colour palette (we chose pinks in every shade). Begin by arranging the flowers in your hand, with the larger flowers closer to the group’s base. Arrange taller lilac stems near the top and back to emphasise height and shape. Place the stems in a vase after lightly tying them with twine. Sweet peas or other little blossoms can be used to fill in the gaps. Place a few foliage leaves near the bottom of the arrangement to create a casual “rim.”

  • Centrepiece Floral Arrangement in a Bowl

An arrangement in a silver bowl makes an ideal table centrepiece because it is low enough to allow easy conversation. To give short stems additional resilience, use moist floral foam in shallow vases. Begin by draping white strawberries over the edge of the bowl, then interspersing huge roses around the base of the arrangement. Place a rose or two in the middle, then fill in the spaces with hydrangeas, sweet peas, and pansies for a complete arrangement.

  • The Blue Arrangement

Blue and violet are flower arrangement harmonizers as they can blend clashing colours and create a sense of calm. Get small bunches of tulips, hyacinths, roses, and hydrangeas in any shade from the indigo family for an artistic twist. In the vase, we arrange the flowers in bunches, altering the form, texture, and stem length. To establish a focal point, place the brightest bloom in the centre. To balance out the vivid hues, we add a few green leaves on the side.

Same Day Table Arrangement Flowers Delivery in Singapore

Do you want to get table flower arrangements at the last minute? Do you have decorations scheduled for the last moment and want express delivery of table flower arrangements? Get same-day table arrangement flower delivery from Prince’s Flower shop within a competitive price range.

Why Choose Us for Table Flower Arrangement

In Singapore’s concrete jungle, having stunning flowers on your table is like a therapeutic connection to nature outdoors. In your cramped-up space where finding beauty and serenity is no less than a luxury, table flowers from Prince’s Flower Shop can be your way to bring a piece of nature closer to you.

At Prince’s Flower Shop, we offer customized table flower arrangements for all budgets and requirements. Whether you are looking for a stunning orchid centrepiece or you want something made from rose and lilies, our experts can offer express delivery for any occasion or event without any setbacks. We deliver beautiful flower arrangements within your budget and as per your custom requirements.

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1. Do you offer express delivery for table flower arrangements?

Yes, we do.

2. Can I customise my flower centrepieces?

Yes, you can. However, book them in prior.

3. Do you offer centrepieces within a cost-effective price range?

Yes, we offer floral centrepieces or table flower arrangements within a reasonable price range.

4. How often do you offer discounts on table flower arrangements?

The discounts are usually available during the festive season. But, if you have a big day planned, you can always avail discounts on bulk orders by contacting us.

5. Can you arrange same-day delivery for my table flower arrangements?

Yes, we can.


Carol T
Carol T
one of my most fav nurseries out of many i’ve explored in SG. it’s conveniently located near bukit panjang mrt. above all, the prices are reasonable (esp various types of soil mix, fertilizers, pesticides & pots). i’ve bought many plants here; on my lucky days i managed to buy a few rare caladiums and begonias! 😀
Francis Soh
Francis Soh
A lot of varieties of flowers to choose.
Guangmian Kung
Guangmian Kung
Some of the kindest people you will see around the area, and their flowers and plants are great in price and selection.
always bought flowers from here and they always look exceptional and beautiful. thank you so much for the flowers as always!
Jen Vernis
Jen Vernis
Purchased twice at this shop. Good services and reasonable price.
Rasyad Rahman
Rasyad Rahman
Have been ordering flowers from Prince's since 2011 and i have been happy with their quality and service for the past decade. Bought flowers for delivery yesterday and the bouquet was beautiful. Service is great and the flowers looks better than the photos.
Wan P
Wan P
Huge, fresh flower bouquets for really really cheap. They even gave me a discount. Why would I bother going to any other florist?
Brandon YEO
Brandon YEO
Bought fresh cut flowers for my bai bai table. Lots of variety to choose from, excellent service and well-mannered and knowledgeable sales team. Affordable and value for money prices right here fam Thanks, will patronise again huat ah
Your 'go to' place to buy fresh flowers & exotic plants in the west. Large variety of plants & gardening tools available on demand. Staff were helpful & friendly. Five stars!!
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