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The joy that a new baby brings into the world is limitless. Expecting mothers get to go through a whole new feeling. Starting from the mood swings to the subtly ticklish kicks inside the stomach, motherhood is a whole different feeling. To welcome this new feeling and congratulate the would-be mums, often people give new mum hampers to their near and dear ones. Do you know someone who is expecting? Would you like to get a new mum hamper to someone who is experiencing all the wonderful vibes of motherhood? Find the Mothercare hampers or baby shower gifts in Singapore at Prince’s Flower Shop now!

The Origin of Baby Showers

Do you know where baby showers come from while you’re enjoying the cupcakes and having a good time? Nowadays, these occasions are referred as the baby showers. Throughout history, various pregnancy rituals were performed to help the expectant mother and her unborn child. A baby shower’s precise ancestry is unknown, though. The event’s celebrations also differed from modern baby showers.

Along with Greek and Egyptian traditions, the modern baby shower emerged in North America after the 1940s. The newlywed girls were given costly home products during the showers, and this notion received far too many improvements. New mum hampers in Singapore are no new quirks. For decades and centuries, people have showered expecting mothers with baby shower gifts in Singapore and confinement gifts. Are you looking for something similar as well? Would you like to gift a baby and hum hamper in Singapore to your loved ones? Explore the options at Prince’s Flower Shop today!

Different Cultures and Their Baby Showers

About who came up with the word “baby shower,” there is no conclusive proof. However, other showers, including bridal showers, were popular in ancient times. The bride’s friends assemble for a party and present her with presents, blessings, and well wishes for the future at this occasion. It is therefore believed that this idea is where the concept of a baby shower originated. A pregnant girl and her unborn child are supported at this time by her closest friends and family members. Wondering how different cultures celebrate baby showers with the would-be mothers? Here’s a guide!

  • Egyptian Culture

Ancient Egyptians believed that birth defilement would infect the child. This led to the term “baby shower.” As a result, they used to separate the mother and child after 14 days as part of a custom. Visits to shrines and the ritual disposal of afterbirths like the placenta and umbilical cord were also part of their ceremonies.

  • Ancient Greek Culture

On the seventh and tenth days following childbirth, respectively, the ancient Greeks observed rites called “Amphidromia” and “Dekati.” Additionally, they used to shout immediately upon a baby’s delivery to signify that the child had been born calmly.

  • Ancient Indian Culture

Since the Vedic eras, the “seemantha” festival has been held in ancient Indian culture. During that time, a pregnant woman in her sixth or seventh month used to have dry fruits and gifts placed in her lap by her closest friends, family members, and relatives. They would also pray for the health of the expectant mother and child. Traditional birth-related rites are now commemorated in India thanks to the creation of the contemporary baby shower.

Irrespective of where the baby shower is organised, the expecting mothers are always pampered with gifts and affection. New mum hampers in Singapore are all the way more popular because people love to congratulate new mothers and bless them for their bright new future.

What Flowers To Select At Baby Showers?

While the season frequently affects the kinds of flowers hosts, choose for a baby shower, it all boils down to their significance when choosing the proper flowers. Sometimes a certain flower might bring back a memory, mark a significant occasion, or have personal significance. Because of what they represent, some flowers are also utilised at baby showers. Are you curious about the significance of some of the most common baby shower flowers? Experts offer their opinions on the next five varieties, which include peonies, white classic roses, and more.

Blanche Roses

While red roses are frequently linked to passion and love, white roses are frequently the preferred flowers during baby showers because they stand for innocence, purity, and youth. Since it typically denotes new life and new beginnings, white is frequently a dominant hue in baby shower decorations.


Hydrangeas, which come in a variety of delicate shades from pastel pink to vivid blue, stand for appreciation, grace, and beauty. Because of the opulent amount of blossoms and the wide spherical form, they exude affluence. This is a lovely option for a newborn and represents optimism for the future.


Daffodils are a terrific choice for baby shower centrepieces because they are sometimes one of the first flowers we see in the spring. Daffodils stand for fresh starts and a new season. They provide a wide range of options, including gender-neutral colours like white, cream, and yellow, and can stand alone.

Best New Mum Hamper in Singapore

Whether you are looking for same-day new mum hamper delivery in Singapore or you are searching for baby shower gifts in Singapore with a floral touch, we can do it all! The Mothercare hampers and newborn gift set at Prince’s Flower Shop are everyone’s personal favourite. Get one of our most-sought products or contact us for more details, we would be glad to help!

Why Choose Us for New Mum Hamper?

Are you searching for baby shower gifts in Singapore at the eleventh hour? Do you want same-day delivery of new mum hampers? Don’t worry Prince’s Flower Shop can save your back! With our extensive selection of hampers and reasonable prices, you can rest assured that you will get all the right options for baby shower gifts without any setbacks.

Have any more queries? Get in touch with us now!

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1. Can you make a customised hamper for both mum and kid?

Yes, we would be glad to do so.

2. Do you create flower hampers along with goodies?

Yes, we do.

3. Can you help me with the choices in baby showers?

Yes, we can.


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