Best Baby Gifts and New Born Hamper Ideas in Singapore to Say Congratulations

Best Baby Gifts and New Born Hamper Ideas in Singapore to Say Congratulations

The arrival of a new life is an occasion for joyful celebrations, exchanging warm greetings among friends and family, and lots of love and blessings for the little angel. So whether someone in your extended family just welcomed their child, your best friend became a mother for the first time, or an acquaintance texting you “we just became parents”, sending your thoughts and best wishes to the happy parents and the baby is how you extend your joy. But why stop at just a congratulatory call/text/mail? Instead, make a grander gesture with something unique like getting a newborn baby hamper in Singapore.

If you are not quite sure what a baby hamper is or about the things included in the same, this blog will be your manual.

Baby Hamper as a Congratulatory Gift

A newborn baby hamper is a gift basket with an assortment of gift items, both aesthetic (toys) and utility (onesies, diapers, blankets, etc.) value. You can either send only baby items or do a mix-n-match of baby and the mother things. Sending a newborn hamper in Singapore as a way of congratulatory gift has become quite customary these days.

Any reputed flowers and gift shop in Singapore can help you out with your baby hamper. Even if you can’t make it physically, the shop can get it delivered to the address. It’s thoughtful, efficient, and affordable as well.

New Born Hamper in Singapore: Some Gifting Ideas to Try

To make things simpler for you and to give you an idea, here are a few assortment examples you can try while choosing a baby hamper in Singapore.

Mother and Baby Hamper

The pregnancy period followed by the first few months with the newborn baby can be exhausting for the mother both physically and emotionally. So, when planning a hamper for the baby, you can modify it into a mother and baby hamper by including a few things that would be of use to the mother. For example, you can add health supplements, body care products, chocolates, etc.

Baby Essentials Hamper

Onesies and other baby clothing, swaddle blankets, diapers, bath items, grooming kit, sleep essentials, and likewise, those are all the things that the baby needs in its first three months. So by making a newborn baby hamper out of such essentials (some not all) and some cute toys will make the parents happy.

Blue/Pink Hamper

You can even choose hamper themes like blue for the boy and pink for the girl if they are twins, then a mix of both colours. Add some balloons if you want, and it will make one really cute baby hamper.

Wrapping Up

The assortment of gifts you send can be of immense help to the new parents, who are almost confined to the baby’s side for the first few weeks. You can add things that are absolute essentials and save them trips to the departmental store. It’s a gift that not only carries sentimental value but is purposeful as well. So, call up a reputed shop to place an order for a newborn baby hamper in Singapore and wow the new parents with your warm gesture.

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