How to cheer up a sick Muslim friend: A Guide to the best Halal Hampers

How to cheer up a sick Muslim friend: A Guide to the best Halal Hampers

These are some of the best certified Halal Hampers you could surprise your loved ones with, especially a close friend who is sick and only deserves the very best.

Halal gifts are a very thoughtful way of expressing your relationship and gratitude towards your Muslim friend. Halal foods are one such excellent choice as a Halal Hamper.

Let us delve into more details about Halal foods and explore some of the best Halal Hampers you could gift your Muslim friend while they are undergoing a recovery phase due to an illness.

What are Halal foods?

Halal foods are a choice of consumables that are permitted to be eaten or as a drink under Islamic law. This law clearly specifies which foods are allowed and what are the guidelines to be followed during its preparation.

The word “Halal,” in Arabic means – approved, lawful, permitted, legal, etc. These are just a few of the type of interpretation to its meaning.

Halal food baskets and flowers are such a beautiful gift to express your thoughts and wishes to a Muslim friend who is ill. These certified Halal Hampers will strike a chord in your friends mind forever, and they will thank you for being such a caring companion.

The best Halal hamper to choose for a sick Muslim friend would be either a Halal food basket which consists of dry fruits like dates, apricots, and fresh fruits like avocado, berries or citrus fruits which could assist your friend to heal and recover quicker.

Nowadays, there are carefully created hampers which consist of nutritional essence from different food sources that are selected and packed in one hamper.

This is so much easy and convenient, to collect one item that holds essential goodness and nutrition from various healthy food sources.

Some Halal certified foods and their benefits

Chicken – Chicken soup has always been a traditional food prepared to fight off a flu or other illnesses. The chicken in the soup contains amino acid cysteine which helps in fighting off excessive mucus secretions and possesses antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.

Oatmeal – Oatmeal is easily digestible and doesn’t take long to cook. It can be mixed with your favourite fresh or dry fruits and served with milk. Beta-Glucan present in oatmeal is a type of fibre that helps decrease inflammation in the gut and aids in digestion during an illness.

Fatty fish– Fatty fish like salmon, mackerel or tuna are a choice of healthy fishes to eat. It can be cooked with healthy spices and herbs. This fish is high in Omega3 fatty acids which boosts the immune system and other minerals that assist in a quicker recovery from any illness. Especially, beneficial to elderly people due to its high calcium content.

Green leafy vegetables – Green leafy vegetables like kale, spinach or romaine lettuce are packed with healthy fibre, iron, vitamins like Vit-C, Vit-K and folate. Polyphenols found in dark green vegetables are high in anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory effects.

Avocado – Avocados are a great food to eat during any illness. They are high in monounsaturated fats, vitamins, minerals and fibre. They are easily digestible, also provide the much-needed calories and energy for recovery. Oleic acid found in avocado fats are anti-inflammatory and boost the immune system.

Popular hampers with halal certified foods

This is a link to one of the popular online sites to purchase authentic certified halal hampers for a variety of occasions with a – wide range of certified halal hampers to choose from.

Recover and Get well soon hamper – Another highly recommended choice of halal gifts, for your sick Muslim friend. It consists of only the highest quality products, which has been carefully selected like:

Eu Yan Sang Essence of Fish which is a deep ocean fish essence food supplement for excellent recovery.

California Prune Essence which is a food supplement extracted from the finest range of prunes from California, aids in healthy digestive system function.

Bird’s Nest with Fungus, American Ginseng & Rock Sugar which are again well-known traditional foods known for its immense healing properties

Flower bouquet to bring a smile to any person who is undergoing an illness phase and boost their psychological state by reducing stress. This helps boost the immune function.

The above – mentioned hampers with halal certified foods and flowers will surely bring a smile to the faces of the recipients. They will forever remember this moment and your kind courtesy.

Ever heard of the phrase; “A friend in need is a friend indeed?” This short phrase has such a deep meaning and emotional value that truly remind us the importance of friendship.

With the ongoing global pandemic and existing COVID protocols in effect, it can be worrying to realise how we can shop safely while stepping outdoors for essential goods and services.

Online shopping has truly revolutionised the traditional shopping experience. Away from the bustling crowd, with just a click away from the comfort of your home. Making this a preferred option for the modern – day consumers.

After all, a true friend is someone who is a person that can be depended upon during their toughest times. When hope withers away and stress holds you down, it is the hand of a true friend who can pull you back up to the road to recovery and a happy life!

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