Top Floral Choices for Wedding Décor and Bridal Bouquets in Singapore

Top Floral Choices for Wedding Décor and Bridal Bouquets in Singapore

Wedding blooms! Flowers are central to the nuptial ceremony. Starting from the bridal bouquet to the centrepieces, you cannot think of a wedding without the floral touch. You can enhance the venue’s aesthetics with a flower gate at the entrance or maybe with a canopy of seasonal fragrant flowers under which you exchange vows with your significant other. Your options are limitless; however, your floral choice must complement the season and theme of the wedding. So to give you more clarity, this blog will present the best options in flowers for both the wedding décor and wedding bouquets in Singapore.

The Wedding Flowers Glossary

Here’s some advice before we get any further; make sure that you do extensive research before choosing the florist. It should be a reputed business with experience in wedding flowers and bridal bouquets in Singapore. Now let’s talk flower, shall we!

First, we will talk about floral décor; what goes well with a wedding.

  • Rose: The universal symbol of love and affection, the rose is probably the most favoured wedding flower. The best thing about the flower is that it comes in various colours and tones, making it easy for you to match it with the wedding theme. Roses look beautiful in large floral arrangements, centrepieces, and corsages.
  • Carnation: Carnations remain fresh the longest and have an elegant feel about them. Like roses, these come in various colours and enable you to choose the tone that suits your wedding vision. Other than centrepieces, you can create curtains and canopies with carnation chains.
  • Orchids: Orchids symbolise rare beauty and love, just like the bond you share with your partner. It’s the most sophisticated of all flowers. You can mix a dark-coloured orchid with lighter tone flowers creating the perfect contrasting décor.
  • Hydrangea: Hydrangeas are ideal for summer weddings. The flower adds more volume to the arrangement and usually comes in lighter tones. It gives that ethereal feel to the wedding venue if arranged and incorporated creatively.
  • Sunflower: A bold choice, if you are going for a rustic theme for your wedding on a summer day, then you cannot grow wrong with sunflowers. Mix it with some white flowers, and you get just enough pop to make your venue look all bright and happy.

Now, let’s shift our focus on the bridal bouquet, the essential accessory for the bride and later the lucky maiden who catches it.

  • Lilies: Lilies symbolize elegance and purity; the perfect flower for a blushing bride on her big day. Its pale hues complement the white dress and go with every kind of theme.
  • Peonies: Popular choices among brides for their bouquets, the fluffy blooms are magnificence personified.

Other than these roses, carnations and hydrangeas are also popular flower choices for the bridal bouquet in Singapore.

There are so many beautiful ways you can create the perfect ambience for a fairy tale wedding with the right choice and colour of the flower that uplifts the venue’s mood. The flowers should be symbolic of your love and a harbinger of marital bliss, so choose wisely.

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