What are the Traditional Funeral Flowers in Singapore?

What are the Traditional Funeral Flowers in Singapore?

Flowers are like a second lingo, as each variant has a different meaning or emotion. Whether for a happy occasion like a wedding, birthday, anniversaries, or a tragic event like a funeral, blossoms can help us express our feelings better than words. In the case of a funeral, it’s really difficult to express heartfelt condolences to the family members of someone who has recently passed away. So, getting some flowers for the deceased friend or family member can be thoughtful. However, selecting the right funeral wreath in Singapore is necessary to express your emotions in such miserable times effectively. So, here is a list of some traditional funeral flowers and the significance behind their giveaway.


This flower is a highly popular blossom suitable for any event. While lilies convey different meanings, they are primarily utilized to symbolize restored innocence and purity. The most common choice for funeral flowers is the white stargazer lily sub-breed. The flower tends to be a significant symbol of the spirit of an adored one that gives encouragement, sympathy, and hope to a mourning family. You can also opt for white Oriental lilies, which signifies eternal life.


White roses’ soothing neutral colour and classic beauty help individuals convey their sad emotions at a funeral. White roses signify appreciation to the deceased person and broaden solace to their close ones. It also expresses admiration while symbolizing purity and innocence. Hence, white roses are mostly used in the funerals of deceased children. When tied with ferns and lush greenery, white roses form a beautiful funeral wreath in Singapore.


This flower can measure up to 48-inches in length and is organized on a stem with many blossoms. Gladioli is a traditional and classic option for funerals and is always utilized to express moral integrity and strength of character. The flower is available in a variety of colours. While attending the funeral of someone who showcased character and strength in life, this flower is an outstanding choice to express your grief to the family. As a sympathy blossom, Gladioli perfectly conveys encouragement and hope at the time of loss.


It is a very common selection for funeral flowers in Singapore. A white-coloured carnation represents innocence and purity, combined with a meaningful symbol of respect, sadness, and death. However, pink carnations convey thoughts of remembrance of the deceased person. Carnations also symbolize gratitude and are an indication of a mom’s love. Thus, this flower profoundly symbolizes loyalty, love, and eternal grief. Besides, due to its long-lasting capability and intense aroma, carnations are widely used in funerals. When you don’t have any words to express, this bloom lets your feelings be perfectly conveyed in silence.

Well, selecting the right funeral flowers in Singapore is important to honour your deceased loved one and give adequate emotional support to their family. So, now that you know the symbolism of the flowers mentioned above, opt for the one you think is the most suitable one for expressing your sad emotions.

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