Best and Affordable Wedding Bouquet Ideas in Singapore

Best and Affordable Wedding Bouquet Ideas in Singapore

A wedding bouquet is an intrinsic style accessory that adds a beauteous touch to the bride’s look. The bouquet arrangement must perfectly complement your wedding dress and theme. Besides, it not only keeps your hand occupied but also ties the wedding decor and design together. So, it is essential to choose a pretty wedding bouquet for the bride that she’ll carry to the altar. Thus, here is a comprehensive list of the best yet affordable ideas for wedding bouquets in Singapore.

Tussie mussie bouquet

This bouquet is a small arrangement of flowers, greenery, and herbs that conveys a meaningful message based on the ‘lingo of the blossom.’ Well, every flower symbolizes particular sentiments. So, using the language of flower or floriography, these bouquets were custom designed in the Victorian era of England. However, they are still now much prevalent. For particularly bridal tussie mussie bouquets, you can use a pink rose to showcase your love, along with Ivy flowers to signify loyalty and marriage. These floral bouquets are conventionally placed in a cornucopia or cone-shaped container of tin or silver with an affixed chain to hold the wreath.

Biedermeier bouquet

It is the best choice for a bride who wants perfection in her marriage event. The Biedermeier bouquet was formed in the first half of the 19th century in Germany. This floral bouquet comes in a conical or round shape and concentric designs in spirals or circles. It comprises many types of blossoms tied in a way to form ring-like patterns of various colours. You can personalize the wreath to any size according to your preferences. This bridal bouquet in Singapore looks best when made with tulips, dahlias, roses, and orchids surrounded by textured leaves or bright green foliage and ferns.

Round bouquets

One of the most popular styles of wedding bouquets is the round pattern. While most round bouquets are made with one flower type, such as peonies or roses, several brides carry round bouquets formed with a mixture of different varieties of blossoms, like garden roses, Ranunculus, or other traditional wedding blossoms. Also, this arrangement doesn’t need to be only monochromatic; you can easily combine different colours of flowers to create a unique wedding bouquet.

A posy bouquet

This is another common choice for brides. As the name implies, the bouquet is a tiny, round blossom arrangement tied in an unstructured form with a ribbon. Many brides like to hold only 3-4 long-stemmed blossoms like the white lily of the valley or roses. One can even tie a sage green ribbon with the tiny posy to form a beautiful little wreath easily worn with a beautiful white lace gown. Tulips, Ranunculus, hyacinths, sweet peas, white peonies, and white Casablanca lilies are outstanding options for creating this lovely bridal bouquet in Singapore.

So, these are some of the best yet inexpensive wedding bouquet ideas. If you are thinking of buying such wedding bouquets online, then Prince’s Flower Shop is the best place for you. They facilitate a quick and safe delivery service of wedding bouquets in Singapore at a fair price.

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