The Curious History of Gift-Giving – Gifting Hampers & Flowers in Singapore

The Curious History of Gift-Giving – Gifting Hampers & Flowers in Singapore

Whoever started the tradition of giving gift hampers surely did a good deed. The history and origin of gift hampers are as ancient as man and society itself and have become the most preferred tool of expression. As societal beings, who enjoy human interaction and conveying our feelings, we consider giving get well soon hampers, congratulatory hampers and bouquets as a means to express love, gratitude, empathy, and appreciation.

Gifts are a marvellous gesture in themselves, which serves as an important touchpoint to reemphasize your thoughts and feelings towards a person or moment.

The origin of gifts

Be it the holiday season in Singapore, your birthdays, social events, sending someone good wishes, congratulating them, or simply expressing sympathy, gift hampers have always been the answer. But do you know, the history of gift-giving dates back to pre-date civilizations or maybe since the origin of the human species?

In the primitive culture, gift-giving was fairly usual as a gesture to show affection and love towards each other. In addition, gift-giving was expected to function as a status symbol when tribal leaders exchanged gifts to show appreciation for winning a war.

In the Egyptian era and the medieval age, gift-giving was regarded as good luck tokens and to show favour. Even today, following similar traditions, giving gifts is still a part of our culture and the gifts that we send define the message we want to spread.

The modern gift-giving era

The contemporary era of gift-giving is no more new in Singapore than it was since the beginning, although gift-giving is meant for all celebrations and occasions in today’s world.

Nowadays, gift hampers in Singapore include several items in a single basket. There are different gift hampers that you can send out to someone special, apart from their anniversaries and birthdays, such as:

  • Well-wishes hamper: To brighten up someone’s day when they feel under the weather, the best thing to do is give them a get-well-soon hamper from a range of online and offline deliveries in Singapore.
  • Apology hampers: Apology hampers in Singapore are appropriate to resolve grievances, and it is most effective when flowers, chocolates, and fruits are combined as per the like to whom the hamper is being sent.
  • Congratulations hamper:Congratulations hampers are the sincerest way of expressing congratulations to the receiver or during a business opening. In Singapore, when marking the beginning of a new venture, congratulatory flower stands are the most acceptable form of tradition that leaves a good impression.
  • Customized hampers: Customized hampers in Singapore are gifts for special occasions such as festivities and brand family gatherings. Halal hampers in Singapore can be availed from various flower shops, although the hamper’s contents might differ.

Ending notes

Everyone loves the combination of flowers, chocolates, and fruits, and when packed as a gift, the happiness gets doubled for the recipient. You can now get wonderful gift hampers from Prince’s Flower Shop, both online and offline, to make your special someone happy or to let them know you care.

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