Bunch of blooms and other hamper ideas in Singapore

Bunch of blooms and other hamper ideas in Singapore

Flowers and bouquets are a sign of good wishes and happy occasions. Giving bouquets is something which has been encouraged throughout different traditions over various cultures. Over centuries, a bunch of fresh flowers or a lavish bouquet of blooms has always been the first choice for gifting.

Any special occasion in your life, be it your wedding day, expecting a newborn in your family, or simply sending your good wishes and love to your special ones, nothing can surpass the beauty of a beautiful bouquet or gift hampers.

Fresh flower delivery in Singapore will surely get you excited since the options to choose from for your wonderful moments and memorable celebrations are in abundance. Moreover, receiving flower bouquets means receiving the communication of the most intimate feelings elegantly.

Choosing fresh flowers

One of the most beautiful feelings of receiving a bouquet is the immediate feeling of happiness. When the bouquet is of fresh flowers, the happiness is doubled. When choosing fresh flowers for your bouquets, few tips might come in handy.

  • Choose flowers that are yet to bloom since already bloomed flowers have less shelf life.
  • Some of the flowers in the bouquet should have butts that are not yet open or slightly open. This is a common rule of thumb.
  • The blooms for flowers should be blemish-free, firm, and the falling edge should be green and crisp and not mushy.

Flowers for weddings

Weddings and bouquets are an incredible combination when it comes to your special day. Thus, a flower bouquet that beautifully matches your wedding dress would be a head-turner.

Wedding bouquets in Singapore are curated, keeping in mind the variety of choices that brides generally have. There are so many ways that a wedding bouquet can be organized that might leave you in a dilemma. Let’s see where to begin.

  • Style your wedding bouquet as you style your wedding that is traditional on a modern theme.
  • Find the right balance between your wedding accessories and your wedding bouquet. For instance, if it is an embellished gown, then go for a simple yet classy bouquet.
  • Attention to the size and shape of your bouquet so that it highlights your natural features. Keep in mind not to pick up too bright a colour or too faded.

The perfect hamper for newborns

Apart from your wedding day, another beautiful new venture in your life would be expecting a new life. You would want the moment to be memorable, and thus, a newborn baby hamper in Singapore proves to be the ideal gift.

Things to keep in mind when choosing the hamper:

  • The basket should be made of natural fibres such as bamboo straw or willow.
  • Hampers can be Canvas boxes or cloth lines to make them natural and reusable.

You might reach out to Prince’s Flower Shop for all your gifting queries, where they take utmost care to understand what the receiver would like and would do so within your preferences and budget.

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