How to Find Flower Bouquets for Different Occasions

How to Find Flower Bouquets for Different Occasions

Sending and receiving flowers has always been a special exchange that’s stayed with us, no matter how much things change over the years. Without having to explain anything with words, flowers help us convey a ton of emotion through their unique symbolism and significance.

It’s this extraordinary quality about flowers that makes it especially important to pick the right ones for the right occasion. After all, a perfectly chosen bouquet will let you send a special message that other gifts or words just can’t.

So to help you make the perfect gesture with your next flower bouquet, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to picking the right flowers for different occasions!

Flowers for Weddings 

Besides your regular hong baos, flowers are a great gift to bring to any wedding ceremony. You don’t have to go with the usual red roses you might give to your own special someone, but opt for white, pink or yellow ones instead!

White roses are traditionally tied to weddings, not just because they’d match a bride’s dress, but also because they symbolise new beginnings. As for yellow and pink roses, they’re a more lighthearted expression of love, affection and joy towards a specific person or occasion. And the great thing is, you can easily combine these three colours to create a unique floral arrangement that would look great at any reception.

Flowers for Anniversaries

The flowers you choose for an anniversary can often depend on your partner’s taste, and also how long you’ve been together. If you’re unsure of what flowers your significant other likes, here are some options!

If you’re celebrating a fairly fresh relationship, Carnations are a good way to express love and commitment that is meant to last. Carnations are also known for their ability to keep well, and their distinct scent, so you can be sure a bouquet of carnations will be a gift that’ll be remembered.

To commemorate a relationship that’s lasted years, giving them a bouquet of pink Hydrangeas is a unique and deeply meaningful way to remind your special someone that you appreciate them. We suggest adding baby’s breath into the bouquet to signify the long-lasting love that the both of you share!

Flowers for Housewarming

Moving into a home is a milestone for many of us, but besides bringing a bottle of wine to share with your friends at their house warming party, a floral gift is a great alternative that can bring a fresh breath of life to their space!

Orchids are perfect for any housewarming gift with its elegant and stunning form. Besides being an exotic flower that instantly draws the eye, it also represents luxury and good luck which makes them ideal for housewarming bouquets. We recommend gifting your friends with a yellow Orchid to commemorate their new beginning in their home, but if they have specific colour preferences, you still have tons of other colours you can choose from!

Flowers for Baby Showers

Celebrating the birth of a child is a joyous experience like no other, and it’s a moment that the parents-to-be will cherish for a long time. Regardless of whether the baby shower takes place before or after birth, it’s about celebrating the new life that’s being introduced to the world!

A popular choice for baby shower flower arrangements is Baby’s Breath. Not only does it express everlasting love, but it also depicts the purity and innocence of a newborn. Another flower that’s perfect for the occasion, however, has to be the tulip!

Tulips are often associated with spring and represent new and abundant beginnings, but they also represent a pure and unwavering love that can be shared between anyone. A tulip’s vibrant colour and unique shape make it a truly special flower to receive, and a gift your friends won’t easily forget.

Flowers for Store Openings

The sentiment behind a flower bouquet for a store opening is quite similar to that of a house warming. It’s about celebrating a milestone, and also wishing someone joy and prosperity in this new space!

In terms of colour selection, yellows and oranges are the typical auspicious colours many usually opt for, but besides that, many types of specific flowers have their unique connotations.

In Singapore, Gerberas are commonly gifted or bought on auspicious occasions to symbolise happiness and good fortune because of their bright and cheerful colours.

For store openings, sending flower stands are often more appropriate than the simple bouquet. So you can work with a number of flowers to really bring your message across. A combination of yellow roses and red gerberas is a standout flower arrangement that is well received every single time.


Unlike the other occasions on the list, funerals are a time of mourning, and the flowers delivered on this day must represent a feeling of solace, warmth, respect, and affection towards your recipient. This can be a difficult thing to convey all at once, but white lilies have traditionally been the choice flower for the occasion.

Like we mentioned earlier, the colour of the flowers you choose can portray vastly different meanings. While we recommend pink hydrangeas for an anniversary to convey love and appreciation, blue hydrangeas are for expressing regret and condolences.

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