5 Gift Giving Tips to Help You Choose The Perfect Hamper

5 Gift Giving Tips to Help You Choose The Perfect Hamper

Hampers are a great gift idea because they let you put together a whole bunch of things someone loves in one lovely package! You can give them to friends and family on birthdays or anniversaries, use them as corporate gifts, or even get a get well soon hamper for someone who’s been ill.

But with so many hamper options available, we can get stuck trying to pick the perfect one for the occasion. To help you figure out how you can pick the perfect hamper, we’ve put together this simple guide that’ll help you plan, pick and purchase the perfect hamper!

1. Who are you buying the hamper for?

It may seem obvious, but it’s really important to consider who you’re getting the hamper for! Some people can get carried away by the thought of getting a really grand hamper, or get too drawn into selecting an option that suits what they like rather than what the recipient really likes!

A hamper that is suitable for one person is perhaps not ideal for another. For example, a Muslim will appreciate  receiving a pure Halal hamper since it matches their particular needs and beliefs. And even though a hamper is more like a collection of small gifts in one, the ideal hamper for your recipient should show that you’ve taken this person’s preferences into account in every way possible. If you achieve this, they know that you have taken the time to choose the gift and given them some genuine thought!

Is the person health-conscious, or do they have a sweet tooth? Is there anything they may be allergic to? Or do they just not like certain foods and drinks? If you’re unsure of any of these things, it’s worthwhile to ask someone close to them who may be able to shed some light on this.

2. Think about the occasion

Of course, the recipient is the most critical factor to consider. But it goes without saying that the specific occasion is also a major thing to take into account as well. A hamper for a special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary or the birth of a child would be very different from giving someone a get well soon hamper or an auspicious hamper for Chinese New Year.

So when the occasion calls for it, it can really help to choose a hamper that has some hallmark features to show that you’ve taken the occasion into account. For instance, Chinese New Year hampers should feature lots of red and gold to show your recipient you’re wishing them good fortune. For birthdays or to congratulate someone on a newborn, you could consider including balloons or a cute teddy bear as an add-on to your hamper as well!

3. Think About Delivery Times

It goes without saying that gift shopping is best done in advance, with as much preparation time as you can spare. This not only lets you survey your hamper options, but it also ensures that you can deliver your hamper on time. For instance, Prince Flowers offers a hamper delivery service to our customers that shop with us, but we still need sufficient notice to ensure they we can make your delivery on the specific day and time!

It’s also important to remember, some of the items in the basket, such as fresh items or specialty luxury goods, may not be kept on hand, so some of these components may have to be ordered specially for your hamper. This will inevitably take time, and can throw a wrench in your plans if you’re caught trying to buy a gift last minute! Also, if you’re getting a corporate gift and have to order multiple hampers, you have to make sure there are enough hampers in stock to meet your order requirements!

4. Preparation is key

Like we just mentioned, time is your best friend when it comes to gift-giving! Anything that is rushed will fall short of making someone feel like their hamper’s been specially personalised for them. Occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries can be planned for well in advance, which makes things slightly easier for you, but what about occasions that come suddenly?

One such occasion is when someone falls ill, and you have to quickly find a get well soon hamper to let them know you’re wishing them well. Keeping in mind that that the recipient and the occasion are the two most important factors; instantaneous decisions may get you a hamper that’s just so-so at best. So in these cases, even just setting aside a few hours or a day to find the perfect hamper is better than if you rush to get something sent for the sake of it.

5. The basket

The contents of the hamper are the most critical feature, but as with any gift, presentation is key. Most baskets come in a wicker style although nowadays many hampers are getting revamps, and can even come in wooden crates for a cute rustic vibe.

Much like with the contents of the actual hamper, you have to pick a basket that suits your recipient’s preferences as well. Besides the traditional wicker basket style we’re familiar with, do you think your recipient would like something more modern? Or maybe even something that he or she could repurpose and use in their homes! Sometimes the final touches of a hamper are what make them so special, so always pay attention to detail!

Hamper Delivery Singapore

A hamper is an ideal gift for so many occasions because of their potential and versatility. Here at Prince’s Flower Shop, we have an extensive range of hampers to suit every budget and event, and we help you handle you hamper deliveries too! If you’re been searching for some unique and fun hampers, then check out our website to find the perfect hamper today.
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Carol T
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