What Makes A Perfect Graduation Bouquet?

What Makes A Perfect Graduation Bouquet?

Graduation is a fulfilling milestone that marks the culmination of years of hard work. There is no better way to convey your congratulations and show your appreciation to the graduate than gifting them some flowers.
Whether you choose to present your flowers in leis or bouquets, the right flowers will add joy and a wonderful memento to mark the occasion. You might be wondering what type of flowers or arrangement you should get. Don’t fret, with the wide selection of graduation day flowers, there’s something for everyone – here are some ways to help you choose the right blooms:

Keep It Classic

When it comes to flowers, you can never go wrong with roses. Although often associated with love and romance, did you know its wide range of colours can carry different meanings?
Yellow roses denote friendship and its lively hue can brighten up a room as well boost moods. Meanwhile, orange roses represent desire, enthusiasm and gratitude.
Sunflowers are also becoming increasingly popular in Singapore as graduation flowers. With its bright colours and resemblance to gold, Singaporeans have related them to wealth, fortune and a bright future.

Say It with Colours

Pick colours that have a special significance to the celebration. There are many ways you can incorporate colours in your flower arrangement for a memorable gift.
For instance, you can use the school’s colours to pay homage to the institution that nurtured your graduate. Flowers such as orchids, carnations, chrysanthemums, and tulips come in a variety of colours to suit your need. If the school has darker colours on its crest, you can go for deep maroons or purples to complement the look.
Another great way to use colours in your arrangement is to think about the type of mood you’d like to bring across. Bold and vibrant flowers give a celebratory vibe, while bright greens and yellows represent success and good luck. For more formal events, opt for purple flowers to congratulate their accomplishment and dark hued orange to commemorate their passion for life.

Follow Symbolisms

Besides colours, the type of flower you choose holds a special meaning as well. For example, irises signify wisdom – a great gift to wish them for their future endeavours, whereas lilies convey devotion and friendship – something to let them know that you’ll be with them for the next phase of their life.

Remember Their Favourites

But perhaps the best gift is not just about what the flowers mean, but about what your graduate likes. If you know your graduate’s favourite blooms, it’s the perfect time to impress them with your thoughtfulness and attention. Get flowers in their favourite colour, or pick a brighter hue to remind them of prosperity and new beginnings.

More than adding to the emotion of delight and achievement, receiving flowers during important milestones in our life makes us feel appreciated, loved and remembered. No matter your purpose for sending flowers, Prince’s Flower Shop takes full pride in delivering nature’s finest blooms.
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