3 Easy Ways to Preserve Your Beautiful Bouquet

3 Easy Ways to Preserve Your Beautiful Bouquet

Who says that the joy that flowers bring you have to be short-lived? Beautiful bouquets deserve to have their charms appreciated for a long time, even more so when they are associated with great memories. Whether it be your wedding bouquet or a birthday gift, or presented to you by a loved one, you can easily have a keepsake of the beautiful blossoms not only as a part of your scrapbook but as decorations in your house as well.

There are ways to lengthen the life of your favourite bouquets that don’t have to take too much effort. Try these tricks out to preserve the memories of your blooms:

Via A Vase
Usually, when we are presented with a bouquet, we display it in a vase filled with water. But for arrangements with sturdier stems like hydrangeas and baby’s breath, you can just let the water dry out and let the blooms desiccate by themselves. However, these will only work on flowers that are not fragile, else you will have droopy, wilting blooms.

Via Hanging
To keep the shape of the blooms so you can recreate the bouquet, you can hang the flowers upside down via their stems. Just make sure that it’s in a well-ventilated area that is away from direct sunlight. It might take weeks but the dried flowers will take on a beautiful vintage look that can be displayed as an everlasting arrangement perfect for your bedside table or centrepiece.

Via the Microwave
Drying flowers is an age-old tradition, but instead of waiting for weeks, you can easily take the moisture out of your flowers by sticking them in the microwave.
Get a microwavable bowl and place the flowers one at a time in it, before covering it with about four cups of cat litter. Stick it in the microwave for 2 to 3 minutes on high and when the litter cools, you can fish out the dried flowers and brush off the crumbs.
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