Chinese New Year Gifts: 5 Best CNY Hampers in Singapore for 2020

Chinese New Year Gifts: 5 Best CNY Hampers in Singapore for 2020

Chinese New Year is coming and it’s the year of the Metal Rat in 2020! To show care and concern for your professional partners who have been supporting you over the years–be it our team members, clients or business partners.

With luxurious amounts of goodies to go around, hampers are a great and easy way to show your appreciation. So continue reading for five of our finest CNY hampers to send your auspicious wishes and mark the start of new beginnings!

1.   A Prosperous Start

In Chinese tradition, starting the year on the right foot is significant as it sets the right tone for the year’s business outlook. A prosperous start is believed to determine the number of investments and projects you’ll get for the rest of the year. Extend some well wishes to your recipients’ lasting prosperity with our spread the Prosperity hamper. With a fine Spanish Camara Vinto Tinto wine to pair with an assortment of chocolates, cookies and chips, this bountiful CNY hamper symbolises the good harvest a business will have for the year. Topped off with premium New Moon Chicken Broth and a fruit cocktail, there’ll be more than enough to go around with this present!

2.   Flowing Wealth

A positive business environment is necessary to keep employees happy and business partners excited about more opportunities. This is why many CNY greetings always wish for wealth to flow in. To represent an abundance of wealth and fortune, this gift set is perfect for the occasion. This hamper comes with various premium items, such as dried fish maw, royalty bird nest, and ginseng with white fungus — prized delicacies that are exalted by the Chinese for their nutritional value. Of course, the package wouldn’t be complete without a bottle of Chateau Terre Des Travailleurs, a box of tea, and sweet pineapple tarts to top off the rich flavours of this hamper.

3.   Harmony and Joy

Harmony is key to any business relationship – without it, quarrels happen and unhappiness entails, resulting in unsettled disputes that harm the prosperity of a business. If you’re feeling extravagant with your gifts, wish your business associates joy with our Heaven Smiles Upon You CNY hamper which boasts a generous amount of treats and goodies–and even premium liquor. This hamper overflows with goodies: New Moon abalone to bring good fortune, Royalty birds nest for virility, and many more tasty items to keep one’s belly full. To cater to sweet tooths, this CNY hamper is also packed with toffees, chocolates and cookies to ensure that your business exchanges will always have a happy ending.

4.   A Sign of Respect

Mianzi, or “someone’s face”, symbolizes dignity and prestige in the Chinese culture. To show your respects to your esteemed and valued clients, it is good practice to send them a gift hamper to express your greetings during the CNY period. Especially for persons in more senior positions, a hamper such as our CNY Gift Set 2 that features indulgent Ginseng & Rock Sugar-infused Royal Bird’s Nest, delicious phoenix rolls and cheesy cookies, will be highly appreciated with gratitude and courtesy.

5.   Robust Health and Wellness

Good health is the foundation of a person’s well-being. Without robust wellness, one suffers from health issues that can cause unproductivity and ultimately affect how well they do at work! To boost the health of your professional partners, you can try gifting this CNY Hamper set which comprises health goodies such as dried fish maw for good blood circulation, superior Japanese scallops to represent the wholeness of a person, and New Moon Sea Asparagus that is rich in vitamins and minerals for the body. After all, the most important wealth is health!

Where to Get the Best CNY Hampers in 2020

It is customary for CNY to be all about wishing others good health, wealth and happiness; nothing sends your good intentions better than with a huge hamper gift! Especially for this lucky new Rat Year, browse through our wide range of CNY hampers to find the perfect hamper for you that caters to all budgets and requirements. If you’ve already found one that you really like, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 8332 7000 or We know how hectic CNY celebrations can be; let us give you a hassle-free CNY by han

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