6 Unique Flower Arrangements to Gift Your Valentine This 2020

Valentine’s is fast approaching and you’re wondering which bouquet of Roses should you send your loved one this year. While Roses may be fan favourites among all the hopeless romantics, not to mention nothing spells love like a beautifully bundled bouquet of Roses. But why not try something different this year’s Valentine’s?

If you’re looking to surprise your special one with something out of the box this time, we’re here to help! Keep reading to find 5 of our unique and unconventional Valentine’s flower hand bouquets you can give your beloved this Valentine’s!

1.   Tropical Orchids

Exuding exotic flair, Orchids are tropical flowers that are unique, elegant and definitely memorable. Perfect for this season, not only are Orchids beautiful, but they’re also long-lasting — perfect as an adorable home decoration even after Valentine’s has passed. Our bright serenity bouquet features an alluring arrangement of yellow and purple Orchids accompanied by red and green cymbidiums for that extra splash of colour. Symbolizing rarity and delicate beauty, Orchids are a great way to declare your affection to your other half!

2.   Carnations with Eustomas

Carnations are the embodiment of passion and romance and are popular alternatives to roses for flowers to send on Valentine’s Day! The characteristic ruffles of the Carnations are a treat for the eyes and are versatile in the way they can be styled. Our medley of colours bouquet features Carnations and Eustomas accentuated with a refreshing scent of eucalyptus. Eustoma flowers are small and delicate, yet charming and add elegance to the lovely Carnations. Double up on the sweetness with this beautiful flower bouquet combination today!

3.   Gerbera Daisies

Native to South Africa, Gerbera daisies are often admired for their beautiful and large blooms which come in many cheerful hues, symbolizing happiness and bliss. Our garden of joy bouquet is a delightful arrangement of purple Gerberas, green Pom Poms and purple Sweet Williams. Purple Gerberas portray elegance and pride and is the perfect regal flower bouquet to gift your special one on the most romantic holiday of the year. If you’re looking for something more colourful, wow your valentine with our colourful chorus bouquet, which features 5 mixed coloured gerberas, adorned with some purple Eustomas and Yellow Phoenix.

4. Lilies and Roses

If your beloved has a more sophisticated taste in flowers, you can’t go wrong with lilies. Lilies signify purity and elegance and are an excellent choice for impressing that special someone with a refined taste. Our successful woman bouquet is a muted and delicate arrangement of baby pink lilies and purple roses, representing love and enchantment–a perfect message to send to your valentine! If sweet and soft colours aren’t your vibe, then go for our regale splendour bouquet, which features light pink lilies set against red roses and purple statice for that pop of colour.

5. Baby’s Breath

For a flower bouquet that your dearest can admire forever, everlasting blooms that have flowers such as Baby’s Breath will do the trick! An increasingly popular flower bouquet pick in Singapore these days, Baby’s Breath flowers are definitely a refreshing choice that lets you express your everlasting love in this month of romance and celebration. Our glacial heart bouquet is an intricate arrangement of soft blue Baby Breath’s flowers which is sure to leave a smile on the faces of your loved ones.

6. Hydrangeas

While the meaning behind Hydrangeas has been open to much debate, you cannot deny that these gorgeous blooms are a beautiful addition to any flower bouquet. An ornamental shrub, Hydrangeas are ideal flowers for arrangements in flower bouquets due to their vibrancy and fullness.

Our blue and beautiful bouquet features a meticulous arrangement of blue Hydrangea flowers, adorned with Baby’s Breath as well as Eucalyptus. An exquisite selection for those who love blue, this arrangement conveys love and sincerity and is sure to touch the heart of your loved one!

Hand Bouquets Singapore

While you don’t need an occasion to send flowers to your loved one, Valentine’s day gives you the chance to go all out in expressing your love! With plenty of Valentine’s Day flower options curated just for you, you don’t have to overthink it. Simply view our special Valentine’s Day collection here to find a hand bouquet of your choice and leave the rest to us. Give us a call at 6766 7000 or drop us an email at flower@prince.com.sg today!

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