5 Auspicious Flowers To Ring in Chinese New Year 2020

5 Auspicious Flowers To Ring in Chinese New Year 2020

With the Year of the Rat approaching us, it’s time to usher in blessings and good fortune into your homes with auspicious flowers and plants! While flowers are used to beautify the household in the spirit of celebration, they are more than just a treat for the eyes–they also hold symbolic meanings! And of course, sending these flowers as gifts remains a timeless way to convey our thoughts and emotions to the ones we care about.

That’s why we’ve prepared this simple guide to help you figure out which are the best fortune-bringing plants to usher in Chinese New Year! So keep reading to discover 5 of our best auspicious flowers and what they symbolize!

  1. Chrysanthemum

 A symbol of nobility, the seasonal Chrysanthemum flowers which represent autumn, are also known for signifying longevity. With its rich significance dating back to the Han dynasty, the Chrysanthemum plant has definitely become an essential plant in many households during Chinese New Year. Our Chrysanthemums comes in three vibrant colours — yellow, purple and magenta.

With different sizes to choose from, you can also pick the one that will fit into your household best. Brighten up your house with our gorgeous chrysanthemums and share the good fortune with your loved ones!

Price: $7.28 to $23.54 (inclusive of GST)

  1. Plume Celosia

Celosias are popular plants among the Chinese due to how much they resemble a Phoenix’s tail. The bringer of harmony and prosperity, the Phoenix is a highly regarded mythological creature in the Chinese culture. Our Celosias come in the traditionally lucky colours, bright red and yellow, making them even more auspicious and joyful! If you’re looking for a refreshing choice of flowers to ring in the Lunar New Year, bring in abundant blessings with our gorgeous Celosias!

Price: $16.05 (Inclusive of GST)

  1. Crimson Prosperity

 The Crimson Prosperity or more commonly referred to as guzmania, is popular for its pineapple flowers. It is no surprise that the pineapple is considered an auspicious fruit as it is called Ong Lai in Hokkien which literally means the arrival of good fortune! Because they are so easy to maintain, Crimson Prosperity is a popular pick in many households. And with red representing good luck and celebration, bring in double the fortune this Lunar New Year with our Crimson Prosperity!

Price: $42.80 (Inclusive of GST)


  1. Kalanchoe

 Kalanchoes are well known for their bright and vivid colours — the flowers can come in red, pink, magenta, yellow or white. These colours are deemed to be auspicious in the Chinese culture, making kalanchoes a popular choice for a source of good luck during the Lunar New Year. Kalanchoes are also easy plants to grow and are known to be the bringers of wealth and prosperity. So, if you are trying to achieve better finances this year, go for our kalanchoes!

Price: $5.35 to $17.12 (Inclusive of GST)

  1. Cockscomb

The Cockscomb as its name suggests is characterized by its velvety flowers and resembles a rooster’s comb. Since roosters are regarded as lucky animals in Chinese culture, cockscombs are commonly used in floral arrangements as a sign of good luck and prosperity. Cockscombs can last for a long time and hence are a perfect choice for anyone who struggles to keep their New Year plants thriving. The Year of the Rooster may have passed, but continue to bring some happiness and luck with our pretty pink cockscombs!

Price: $10.70 to $51.36 (Inclusive of GST)

Chinese New Year Flowers Delivery

Chinese New Year is almost upon us and we understand that many of you are on the hunt for the best auspicious flowers and plants for yourselves and for your family and friends. At Prince’s Flower’s, we are dedicated to making this an enjoyable process for you. If you would like more information on selecting the appropriate flowers, browse through our auspicious plants collection to find the one that resonates with you best! If you have found the perfect flower or plant to ring in the Year of the Rat and would like it delivered to you with no hassle, simply contact us at 6763 7000 or drop us an email at buzz@prince.com.sg today!

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