5 Reasons to Send Flowers to Your Loved Ones Today

5 Reasons to Send Flowers to Your Loved Ones Today

No one can deny that sending flowers delivers an explicable amount of joy to the ones receiving it! An expression of love like no other, flowers can be sent for so many reasons — whether you’re celebrating an important occasion or you just want to let that special someone know that they’re always in your thoughts.

Sending flowers may be a simple gesture but it goes a long way in telling someone you care about them. Whether it’s to say sorry, or that you love them, here are 5 great reasons to send someone flowers today!

1.   Congratulate A Loved One

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Going through life together with your loved ones means celebrating the various milestones that they have accomplished. Whether it’s a best friend’s graduation or a relative’s engagement, flowers are ideal for any kind of celebration.

If you’re looking to send your best wishes across to someone celebrating an important life event, pink lilies can be a great choice for your flower bouquet. Known to represent good luck and prosperity, pink lilies will help you convey your heartiest congratulations and wish them all the best in this new phase of their lives. For instance, our Successful Bouquet comes with 3 of our premium pink lilies adorned with purple roses and set against green leaves. It’s a unique and elegant bouquet that’s perfect for marking a special occasion.

2.   Apologize Sincerely

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Nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes that we aren’t proud of. Admitting to them and apologising sincerely can be difficult with words sometimes, which is why we need some help with a flower bouquet! Whether you forgot an anniversary or had to take a rain check on a date, simply send your sincerest apologies in the form of a beautiful hand bouquet!

Pink carnations express the sentiment “I’ll never forget you” and is a great way of expressing that you’re sorry! Our Admiration Bouquet is an adorably sweet arrangement of 12 pink carnations accompanied with fresh eucalyptus and will definitely help you communicate how apologetic you are!

3.   Cheer Someone Up

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Life can get pretty stressful at times and you may notice loved ones going through some emotional distress. For those who require that extra bit of support right now, why not send them a cheerful flower arrangement as a source of motivation? Sending them a nice bouquet of flowers will give them the much-needed positivity they require to help them navigate through these tough times.

Sunflowers, with their cheerful appearance, embody happiness and are a great way to boost morale for those who have been feeling down lately. Our Sunshine In The Woods Bouquet features 3 bright sunshine-yellow sunflowers accompanied by delicate champagne Eustomas and is guaranteed to put a smile on your loved one’s face!

4.   Romantic Gesture

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Not all celebrations have to be grand, sometimes we just want to celebrate our love with our special one!  Maybe your sweetheart just started a new job or you just want to reignite some feeling of romance! Whatever the case, take this chance to show them how much you care with a sweet and romantic gesture!

We think the Glacial Heart Bouquet is perfect for a sweet little floral surprise. The stunning display of blue’s baby breath flowers are delicate and sweet, without being over the top! This flower bouquet is a great way for you to showcase your everlasting love and will definitely let you earn those brownie points with this sweet gesture

5.   Just Because

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The best reason you need to send flowers is no reason at all! Sending flowers just because you feel like it, is the sweetest and most personal way to show someone that you really appreciate them–and who doesn’t love a nice surprise?

Roses will always remain a classic symbol of love and nothing spells adoration like sending someone a bouquet of roses. Our Blossom Of Joy Bouquet features 9 peach roses meticulously arranged with caspea in a stunning floral ensemble that will take anyone’s breath away!

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With so many options of floral arrangements to choose from, finding the perfect choice of flowers for any reason can be rather challenging. If you have a last-minute plan to surprise someone with some precious flowers and you’re unsure of which hand bouquet would be a good choice, simply give our team at Hilton Gifts a call at 6766 7000! You can also browse our collection of hand bouquets here!

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