A Guide To Picking The Perfect Bridal Bouquet

A Guide To Picking The Perfect Bridal Bouquet

So much goes into planning a wedding and there are just so many decisions to make! Besides choosing your dream wedding dress, picking the perfect bouquet of wedding flowers can be just as difficult, with endless options of blooms and floral arrangements you can incorporate into your wedding bouquet.

While bridal bouquet trends evolve over time, the most crucial thing is that your bridal bouquet is the perfect fit for your wedding dress and should serve to enhance your overall look! For those who are feeling overwhelmed, keep reading to find some tips that’ll help you select the perfect bouquet for your wedding!

Browse for Ideas

As mentioned earlier, bridal bouquets have gotten ever so creative! With all the new varieties of flowers and arrangements out there, it can be quite a challenge to find something that resonates with you.

Luckily, with a little bit of research, you’ll definitely be able to put together an inspiration or mood board for the type of wedding flowers you would want! With so many resources both online and offline, you can browse these mediums to find some inspiration and understand what type of flowers work best with your wedding dress, makeup and the overall decor.

A great (and free) place to start would be Pinterest! Simply create a Pinterest board with your favourite wedding blooms and it’ll come in handy when you’re chatting with your florist to pick out your bouquet. There are also many bridal magazines available, so simply flip through them and gather some ideas that would work best for you!

Setting a Budget

Before you begin visiting flower shops around Singapore, or sit down with your chosen florists, setting a budget for your wedding bouquet can be useful in making your decision process that tad bit easier. With a set budget in mind, you can quickly eliminate options that are too costly. As different types of flowers and different sized bouquets have different costs. Eliminating flowers cost-wise will also help you decide on an ideal flower type and the type of bouquet you envision yourself carrying.

Match Your Wedding Dress

Picking out the perfect wedding dress to walk down the aisle in is not an easy decision to make. The last thing you want is for your wedding bouquet to seem out of place or draw attention away from your exquisite dress! If you are wearing an embellished dress with many intricate details, a simple bridal bouquet would be the perfect accompaniment.

Our Elegance in Motion Bouquet is a splendid arrangement of 9 champagne roses adorned with sweet baby’s breath flowers! The subdued tones in this bridal bouquet will be a great match for your grand wedding dress if you’re looking for something soft yet elegant.

If you’re going for a more minimalistic style with a single colour for your wedding dress, a bouquet with a few colours can be a nice contrast against your gown! For instance, our Summer Time Bouquet features yellow lilies, orange gerberas, accompanied with purple statice and yellow phoenix flowers, can add a splash of vibrancy that’s fitting for this cheerful occasion!

Wedding Style and Theme

Keeping in mind your wedding theme and style can help you decide on the type of flowers you should choose and the colours that will complement the overall colour palette. No wedding is complete without flowers and choosing the right ones that fit in with the theme will definitely elevate the aesthetics of your big day!

For instance, if you’re going for a laidback and chill outdoor wedding, go for elegant and tropical flowers such as orchids that are perfect for the outdoors — especially in sunny Singapore. Besides its beautiful exterior, orchids have waxy petals which means they do not lose moisture easily and can remain fresh for a long time outdoors! Our Bright Serenity Bouquet features yellow and purple orchids meticulously arranged with red and green cymbidiums for a truly vibrant hand bouquet that will jive well with a fun tropical outdoors wedding!

Know Your Flowers

While your florist will advise you on the kind of flowers you can go for, it would be good if you could brush up on a few things! Instead of just looking at flower bouquets and arrangements, find out the meanings attached to the flowers as well! Besides classic options like roses, blooms like lilies are a great expression of love and represent purity, very much like the love you are celebrating with your beloved on this special day!

Our Victory Dance Bouquet is a gorgeous bouquet of three of our premium lilies carefully arranged with purple and champagne eustomas. This graceful bouquet will definitely add some flavour and class to your special day!

Bridal Bouquet Singapore

Wedding planning can be such a tiring affair, putting together all the tiny details, and making sure that they blend well together, to see your vision come to life. At Prince’s flowers, we understand how taxing this can be and we want to make your special day even more perfect with our gorgeous assortment of bridal bouquets! If you’re having trouble deciding on which wedding bouquet works best for you, simply give our team a call at 6766 7000!

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