Flowers for the Heartbroken: What To Send To Cheer Someone Up

Flowers for the Heartbroken: What To Send To Cheer Someone Up

Like any good BFF, you’re always there for your friends through thick and thin. While you celebrate every success they get, it’s equally important to send your thoughts when things are on the downturn for them. Sometimes though, life gets in the way and if you cannot be physically present to help them grieve, sending flowers to remind them that you have their backs can bring a bit of sunshine into their day. 

Whether it’s because of the death of a loved one, a promotion that they didn’t get, or a relationship gone awry, a bouquet of flowers can remind them that they’re still valued. Here are some suggestions for arrangements:


The closest you can get to gifting sunshine, sunflowers can make a person’s day much brighter. Among all the blooms, sunflowers are known to be the “friendship” flower, a nod to its jolly disposition and perpetually “sunny” vibe. Send a bouquet to your grieving friend to remind them that the dark days are not permanent and sunny ones are bound to be here soon. Send them a Cheery Reminder from Prince’s Flower Shop:
Cheery Reminder



Beautiful and complex, orchids have a wide variety of blooms to choose from and they always add a hint of elegance in any bouquet. Whether you’re trying to send your somber condolences or sympathies for any misfortune, your friend will appreciate the dignity that comes with your greeting. The Bright Serenity bouquet is perfect for them.
Bright Serenity



Roses are not just for romantic love: the beauty of roses, no matter what colour, can make a day so much brighter. For your friend who might have suffered a recent loss, it can serve as a reminder that they are still loved and remembered. For example, light pink conveys sympathy while peach-hued roses telegraph your sincerity. Surprise your friend with a beautiful arrangement to bring a smile to their face with the Young and Joyful bouquet:
Young and Joyful



Striped carnations traditionally means regret, especially in the context of unrequited love. For your friend who is going through an upheaval after a breakup or ghosting, you can send striped carnations to show your sympathies, or just send them a beautiful bouquet of carnations in their favourite colour. If they love pink, you’re in for a treat with the Admiration bouquet:



If cheering someone up requires an apology on your part, you can do with a bit of help from hydrangeas. These blooms evoke an innocent vibe, and paired with other flowers, they can create an arrangement that conveys your pure sincerity. Present your loved ones with a Sweet Apology bouquet to drive the compassion home:


Flowers can definitely bring a smile to your loved ones’ faces, and our beautiful arrangements can help you cheer them up. Visit the Prince’s Flower Shop website to have your flowers delivered hassle-free:

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