The Best Bridal Bouquet Trends In Singapore of 2019

The Best Bridal Bouquet Trends In Singapore of 2019

A wedding is a special moment we spend our lives looking towards, and months planning tirelessly to make it absolutely perfect. From the table spreads to the catering all the way down to the gown and of course, your bridal bouquet.

But instead of keeping to the traditional all-white flower bouquets we see at every wedding, many wedding parties have started opting for more creative, and even colourful options! So keep reading to find out what the latest bridal bouquet trends in Singapore of 2019 are before your special day.

The Minimalist Bouquet

If you’re looking for a more modern looking flower arrangement, without giving up some of that traditional wedding bouquet aesthetic, then a minimalistic bouquet might be perfect for you! But don’t confuse minimalism with boredom. Though the look of the bouquet may not be as lavish as a traditional one, the simple charm of these bouquets will look amazing next to your gown.

For instance, our Splendid bouquet that features a simple and chic arrangement of 3 pink lilies that represent love and devotion. Set amongst a bed of deep green eucalyptus leaves, the soft pink comes across even softer and sweeter, while still bringing out that modern and contemporary vibe you’re looking for.

Tropical Flowers

This trending bridal bouquet style might just be the perfect accompaniment to our sunny little Singapore. With bright and exotic florals set against tropical leaves, the tropical wedding bouquet trend is one to make heads turn, and leave an impression!

Break out of the white and muted colour palettes of most weddings, and venture into something more fun and festive–it’s a happy occasion after all! Our Joytastic bouquet features a mix of yellow, white and purple orchids against a fan of palm leaves that come together to create a sophisticated and eye-catching floral ensemble.

Colourful Monochrome

If you want to avoid mixing colours, you can still create a great impact by working with one singular colour in various shades. When we think monochrome many of us think black and white, but here’s how you can arrange a monochrome bridal bouquet that’s bold and bright.

Firstly, don’t be reserved in your colour choice. Since you’re going monochrome, go for bold and bright colours that will catch the eye and stand out such as pink or purple! The perfect bold monochrome bouquet should have balance, and not be over the top. Take our Admiration bouquet for instance! We mix delicate pastel pink and bright hot pink carnations together to create an alluring contrast that’s still very easy on the eyes.

We surround this beautiful array of colours with deep green eucalyptus leaves to keep things balanced while breaking up some of that vibrancy. This is the perfect bouquet to bring out feelings of love, romance and joy on your special wedding day.

Dainty Flower Bouquets

Taking a page from one of the most iconic weddings of our time–Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s, of course–we have to mention the dainty flower bouquet trend. The simple and delicate floral arrangement reminds us of the minimalistic trend, but the key here is getting flowers that are small and densely packed together.

For these sorts of arrangements, we suggest going for a classic baby’s breath bouquet that’s simple, modern and sweet! Our Glacial Heart bouquet features baby’s breath flowers in an array of soft blue shades, which enhances the softness and delicacy of this bridal bouquet.

We love how the soft blues are a new and unexpected colour choice for a wedding party, but still subtle and versatile enough to complement your white wedding gowns and classic suits. Not to mention, blue baby’s breath is an expression of love and devotion, which is perfect for the occasion!

Branching Out

Bridal bouquets have gotten more creative in recent years, with colours, types of flowers and now the adornments as well. Besides playing with colours, we love the fact that this trend encourages brides to experiment with materials too!

This ornamental style uses branches to create arches and shapes for that extra wow factor on your special day. Our Wild Love bouquet features a bold monochrome arrangement of pastel and hot pink roses, nestled together nicely under branches that have been shaped to resembles a heart. This is the perfect bridal bouquet for anyone who’s looking for an arrangement that’ll definitely be remembered.

Bridal Bouquet Singapore

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