Here’s the Perfect Corporate Christmas Gift for Easy Holiday Shopping

Here’s the Perfect Corporate Christmas Gift for Easy Holiday Shopping

‘Tis the season for celebrations, and of course, showing appreciation for all the special people in our lives. While many of us are off doing our holiday shopping for our friends, family and significant others, it’s also important to keep our professional partners in mind during this season as well!

But like with any other gift, it can be a bit of a struggle trying to figure out what would make the perfect present! That’s why this year, we’ve found the ultimate Christmas gift-giving solution for all your corporate needs–hampers!

Catering to An Array of Tastes

One major reason everyone loves receiving hampers is that there are so many parts to what goes into your hamper! Combining chocolates, wine and other festive treats means that you’re sure to find something that suits your giftee’s preferences.

It’s especially helpful if your corporate Christmas gift isn’t just for one person, but maybe for an entire office of people to share! Opting for some of the grander selections like our Vento Aureo hamper — that comes with biscuits, chocolates, wine, candies and even decorations–means you can be certain that everyone will enjoy a piece of this present.

A Grand Gesture

Whether this corporate Christmas gift is for a client, boss or business partner, it’s important to get them something that’ll make them feel special, so you definitely don’t want to settle for anything underwhelming and overly generic.

Because gift hampers usually come in specially made packages, with treats overflowing and decorative details speckled around, they tend to look more impressive and grand than your average gift! Not to mention, it’s tons of fun for your recipient to sift through all the different things inside the hamper, and slowly discover what you’ve put together for them!

To really nail the “wow” factor, go for a hamper that’s larger, and comes with decorations and adornment, like our Imperial Set! This hamper comes with a large wicker basket, a towering Eiffel Tower of XO, wine and loads of sweet treats for everyone to share!

Saves Tons of Time

Another reason why hampers can be a lifesaver during this busy holiday period is that you can pick and choose the perfect one without even having to leave your home. And if you have a better idea of what your recipient might like, you can choose a hamper that’ll seem extremely personalised, and carefully chosen, all without breaking a sweat!

Once you’ve chosen the perfect one, you can arrange for your hamper to be delivered wherever you need it to go, which makes it even more convenient for both you and the receiver! Don’t forget to leave a personal message on a card for that extra special touch!

It’s Double the Gift

Another great thing about hampers is the packaging they come in. Nowadays, hampers in Singapore come in so many different package variations including leather bags and chests! Once you’re done unpacking your gift, and feasting on the delicious morsels within, you can keep the package it came in as a piece of decor!

One really interesting hamper we love for this festive season is our Exclusive Wine Set, that doesn’t just come in a sleek and stylish leather case, but also hides nifty tools such as a bottle opener, a wine re-corker and other useful things to get you through a month’s worth of Christmas celebrations!

It’s the Thought That Counts

Finally, one of the best things about hampers is that they’re always thoughtfully put together. Whether you’re customising one or selecting one that’s been pre-packaged, you can be sure that the hamper you get has been put together with things that complement each other!

For instance, if you’re getting something for someone with a bit more of a sweet tooth, you could go with our Connoisseur’s Preferred hamper that comes with an assortment of chocolates, biscuits, sweets and teas! But if you’re looking for a hamper that brings out a slightly more festive feel, opt for the Christmas is Coming Hamper, that comes with a bottle of sparkling wine alongside its selection of chocolates, cookies and sweets! In case you have a Muslim staff, buy a Halal Hamper filled with food items such as fruits, chicken essence and bird’s nest that matches their religious beliefs.

Deliver Christmas Hampers in Singapore

There’s nothing better than finding a gift that’s both meaningful and simple enough to get during the holiday heyday! To start shopping for the perfect hamper for your corporate gifting needs, check out our website today! For some quick Christmas shopping, you can also check out the rest of our Christmas collection here. And of course, we’ll help deliver your hamper wherever you need, so don’t hesitate to give us a call and make your arrangements today!

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