Your Flower Occasion Gift Guide

Your Flower Occasion Gift Guide

When choosing a gift for a special occasion, you can never go wrong with flowers. These charmers have their own way of sparking a smile and showing what we cannot express through words.

There are many types of flowers we can send to our loved ones, but each one carries a different meaning. Selecting the right flowers may seem simple at first glance, but colours, types, personal preferences and cultural importance are all factors to consider that can complicate your decision. If you are not sure which blooms to pick, simply follow our guide below

Wedding Anniversary:

Anniversaries are all about celebrating years of intimacy, faithfulness, passion, and love. While red roses are guaranteed to melt our hearts, sending your partner her favourite flowers will truly make her feel remembered.
If she doesn’t have one, you can also buy her flowers based on your anniversary year. Carnations represent young love in full bloom and are perfect for couples in the honeymoon stage. Meanwhile, daisies symbolize lasting fidelity and are given on the 5th year of marriage. On your 10th and 20th year, surprise her with daffodils and asters, respectively, as they embody the memories and wisdom you have gained throughout your time together.
Avoid yellow roses and carnations as these mean friendship, sympathy, or disappointment.

Mother’s Day:

Mothers appreciate any gift as long as it comes from their dearest children, but wouldn’t it be nice to send some of her favourite flowers on this precious day?
If your mum appreciates all sorts of blossoms, consider giving her a fragrant bouquet of various brightly coloured flowers. Some popular choices for Mothers’ Day are lilies, tulips, carnations, peonies, and orchids.


Besides cakes and balloons, flowers make the best presents on someone’s birthday. It adds a personal touch to your greeting, making it genuinely unforgettable.
This is the best time to impress your celebrant by giving her flowers in her favourite colour. Brighten up her day with striking gerberas which represent innocence and positivity. Alternatively, you can always choose sunflowers, a hit amongst people of all ages.


All those years of striving hard to finish education deserve to be rewarded with something grand. Congratulate your graduate with a mixed bouquet of roses, baby’s breath, and statice to wish her wisdom, success and stability.
You can also match your flowers with their alma mater’s colours as a sign of gratitude and respect to the institution. For more information about graduation flowers, you can check out our previous article.

Regardless of the celebration, Prince’s Flower Shop can craft the perfect arrangements to express your warmest greetings!
We take full pride in delivering garden-fresh flower creations in Singapore and around the world. We aim to leave a mark in the hearts of our clients by being part of their every momentous event. Whatever the message you want to communicate, we ensure that we can thoughtfully deliver with our vast selection of exquisite flowers.
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