Experience the Joy of Gift-Giving: Top 3 Occasions Where Gift Hampers Are Perfect

Experience the Joy of Gift-Giving: Top 3 Occasions Where Gift Hampers Are Perfect

Giving gifts is just as fun as receiving them. When your loved ones get a thoughtful package from you and it puts a smile on their face, you feel a wave of happiness surging inside of you. It can make any event or achievement even more special. It is your way of showing your love, excitement, encouragement, and support in their endeavours.


As much as it is exciting it can at times get overwhelming to choose the correct gift. We are confused about just what can be the perfect gift for this special occasion. Be it graduation, marriage, or career achievement, each one of these events deserves a memorable present. This is where online Gift Hamper delivery services can come in handy. Prince’s flower shop has a huge collection suitable for every occasion no matter how big or small. Whatever be your budget you can get the best gift hampers in Singapore delivered right to your house. Ranging from something incredibly simple such as an adorable teddy bear to something as exuberant as a Champagne hamper you will find just what you need.


Life has its own way of dividing itself into phases. The transition from one phase to the next is characterized by an event. Your contribution to this event makes the phases even more memorable and cheerful. Every event, be it happy occasions such as a wedding, baby shower, graduation, career milestones or something we dread such as a funeral has its own sentiments attached to them. This makes choosing a gift for that particular occasion confusing.


Let us look at some occasions and what kind of gift should you pick for them:


  • Wedding Ceremony

Marriage is probably the most significant event in someone’s life as two people’s lives are inseparably entangled forever. This is a completely new phase of life that is nothing like you have experienced before. Your gift to the newly married couple shows your support and affection in their new life. So, choosing something buoyant and cheerful is the need of the hour. Flower stands and bouquets are the perfect choices for this joyous occasion as flowers have been associated with love and passion since time unmemorable. You can get the best gift hampers in Singapore including flower stands and bouquets delivered right to you from the comfort of your home.


  • Birthdays

No other day makes us feel as special as we do on our birthdays. They signify all the hurdles we have overcome, and all that we have achieved in the past year. You are wiser, more experienced than ever and a wonderful present can be just what you need to feel extra special on this day. Chocolates, Wine, and Champagne are some elegant choices guaranteed to make the birthday even more remarkable.


  • Baby showers and childbirth

Raising a child is a huge commitment. The new parents have a wave of responsibilities and duties coming their way. Sleepless nights and hectic days are not easy to go through. A token of appreciation from you shows your affection and support to the new parents and just might be what cheers them up. Baby hampers need to be extremely practical and something that the mother finds useful. Prince’s flower shop has extremely well-curated gift hampers in Singapore which are guaranteed to come in handy.


Reference to some Hampers offered by Prince Flower Shop:

Gratitude Hamper

Halal Hamper

Get Well Soon Hamper

Birthday Hamper


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Carol T
Carol T
one of my most fav nurseries out of many i’ve explored in SG. it’s conveniently located near bukit panjang mrt. above all, the prices are reasonable (esp various types of soil mix, fertilizers, pesticides & pots). i’ve bought many plants here; on my lucky days i managed to buy a few rare caladiums and begonias! 😀
Francis Soh
Francis Soh
A lot of varieties of flowers to choose.
Guangmian Kung
Guangmian Kung
Some of the kindest people you will see around the area, and their flowers and plants are great in price and selection.
always bought flowers from here and they always look exceptional and beautiful. thank you so much for the flowers as always!
Jen Vernis
Jen Vernis
Purchased twice at this shop. Good services and reasonable price.
Rasyad Rahman
Rasyad Rahman
Have been ordering flowers from Prince's since 2011 and i have been happy with their quality and service for the past decade. Bought flowers for delivery yesterday and the bouquet was beautiful. Service is great and the flowers looks better than the photos.
Wan P
Wan P
Huge, fresh flower bouquets for really really cheap. They even gave me a discount. Why would I bother going to any other florist?
Brandon YEO
Brandon YEO
Bought fresh cut flowers for my bai bai table. Lots of variety to choose from, excellent service and well-mannered and knowledgeable sales team. Affordable and value for money prices right here fam Thanks, will patronise again huat ah
Your 'go to' place to buy fresh flowers & exotic plants in the west. Large variety of plants & gardening tools available on demand. Staff were helpful & friendly. Five stars!!
Jocelyn SuaJocelyn Sua
04:50 27 Feb 23
My boyfriend ordered this beautiful bouquet of roses from Prince's Flower Shop. Nicely arranged with prompt delivery as requested. Absolutely more than satisfied when i received this. Thanks for the surprise! Kudos to the great service!
Estelle TanEstelle Tan
07:26 21 Feb 23
Prince is our designated florist that we purchase flowers from since 2016, be it bouquets for special occasions, congratulatory flowers or condolence flowers, we only choose them. Even our wedding flowers are all from them!! Their flowers are of good quality and very lasting, customer service is professional too. Attached pic was my roses 7 days after Vday'23, taken under natural sunlight 👍🏻👍🏻
Chua MelChua Mel
11:35 18 Feb 23
had the most pleasant shopping experience buying flowers from prince for valentine’s day. staff was very responsive and helpful, and with such a wide variety of flowers to choose from, i don’t think there is any other places i would buy flowers from other than from prince. 10/10 recommend!
Tommy ChungTommy Chung
09:26 17 Feb 23
Have been delighting my missus with fresh flowers immaculately arranged by Prince’s flower shop since my first order with them few years back.From then on, I rely on their experienced service for many occasions. Congratulatory flowers, Valentine’s, Birthdays, even my own proposal!
Xin Le LianXin Le Lian
09:11 17 Feb 23
Bought my Valentine's bouquet here via instagram. The staff was friendly and patient in explaining the different types of bouquets available and worked well within my budget. They have both delivery and self-pickup options which made it very convenient for us buyers. Needless to say my special one was very pleased with the bouquet. Will definitely come back here again for my flowers.






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