7 Unconventional Flower Arrangements to Send to Someone Special

7 Unconventional Flower Arrangements to Send to Someone Special

If you want to send flowers to that special person in your life, why not think outside the box for a change? Most flower shops in Singapore often suggest roses but, quite frankly, they’re just not as memorable these days. So, where do you start when deciding what flower arrangement, you want to send to a loved one? Here are our eight unconventional flower bouquets to send for your next special occasion!

1. Gerberas

Gerbera is an African daisy and can be used to complement many different flower types when they’re put together in a bouquet. They can be included in arrangements with Eustomas and Phoenix and are the fifth most well-loved flower in the world. They come in different colours with red signifying love, yellow meaning happiness, pink for admiration and white for purity. Often, they are sent as a get-well gesture, an apology or just a sign of love and affection!

2. Carnations and Sweet William

What better way to show your love than with carnations? Carnations represent pure love and admiration and are fantastic alternatives to the more traditional roses. Pink carnations are a symbol of the love that a mother gives to their son or daughter. They are often combined with Pom Poms or Sweet William. Sweet Williams are a symbol of masculinity, so they work well if the bouquet is being sent to your husband, boyfriend, father or just a special guy in your life. These arrangements are great flower arrangements to send to wedding celebrations or as a get well soon gift.

3. Baby’s Breath

Baby’s Breath has admittedly become more and more popular these days, but it’s still an interesting addition to any flower bouquet! The thing to note is that with each colour variation of Baby’s Breath, there are different meanings that come with it.

The white flowers often form part of wedding bouquets as they are a sign of everlasting love. They’re often associated with purity and innocence as well, and of course, match the bride’s dress perfectly. The blue variants symbolise new life and are frequently used as a gift for couples welcoming a newborn child, making it great for baby showers! Baby Breath also signifies self-discipline and is used to show commitment. The flower is often used in anniversary bouquets as a romantic gift to show love and appreciation.

4. Pink Protea

The Pink Protea is definitely one of the more unique flowers on this list! Its vibrant colour brings about a tropical, and vibrant feeling, and represents strength, courage and love. They’re large flowers that are attention-grabbing, which makes them great as a little “pick me up” bouquet to send to someone who’s feeling a little down, or if you’re trying to celebrate a joyous occasion like a birthday or graduation!  The flowers are believed to have a calming influence and are frequently combined with Cymbidiums as well as roses. Put together, these arrangements are much more unique and memorable which adds greatly to their appeal!

5. Sunflowers

What’s a more typical sign of happiness than the sunflower? Traditionally, the sunflower represents longevity, loyalty and adoration, which makes them a great bouquet option for any happy or celebratory occasion. The sunflower can be combined with many other different varieties of flowers, but because of their big, bright yellow petals, we suggest pairing them with something slightly delicate, like a baby’s breath!

You could even consider sending sunflowers to your partner as an unconventional way of letting them know that they bring you joy and light up your life! Other options could be for a friend’s birthday, or even maybe as a way to show your mum how much you love her on Mother’s Day!

6. Blue Hydrangea

There’s been a lot of debate about what hydrangeas really represent. But one thing many agree on is that the delicate flower makes for a beautiful addition to any flower arrangement. Blue Hydrangeas specifically, are usually used as part of an apology bouquet as they are said to symbolise genuine emotion and feeling.

Here’s an interesting tip. If you’re celebrating a 4-year relationship anniversary and planning to send flowers, the hydrangea is a top pick because it represents enduring grace and beauty! Of course, a flower as beautiful and delicate as this doesn’t need an occasion, so don’t be afraid to send it on other occasions too!

7. Green Pom Poms

Green Pom Poms is another not so commonly used flower and are believed to represent rest, optimism, cheerfulness and truth. They are the birth flower for the month of November. Their cute shape and fresh green colour make them a great complimentary flower to go with brighter, more attention-grabbing ones like the pink protea!

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