What Would the World Be Like If Valentine Day Flowers Didn’t Exist?

What Would the World Be Like If Valentine Day Flowers Didn’t Exist?

In literature and cinematography, valentine day flowers are the symbol of eternal love. The study of flowers, floriography listed every kind of flower and its mythical and contemporary meanings in every person’s mind.

So, are not you finding a florist who will become your love courier to send valentine day flowers in Singapore? Do read further and get a grip on confidential information about flowers, valentine’s day, and whom to contact for valentine day flowers in Singapore.

You may know a person who believes valentine’s day is timeless and the best gift for your romantic interest are valentine day flowers. Do you know for centuries, this day’s been centered solely on love? Indeed, it has a history, and not many people know about it.

One legend state when Saint Valentine cured the blindness of a judge’s daughter. He wrote her a farewell letter, just before his execution by the same judge, closing with “Your Valentine.” Then, the Pope Gelasius established the days as Feast of Saint Valentine in 496 AD, although he died on 269 AD.

Interestingly, many stories surround the above facts. Some say Saint Valentine was in love with the judge’s daughter, and others say, the relationship between the two was strictly platonic. Whatever story a person believes, when this day comes, the world becomes the eternal ground of love.

Also, think about it, what would be the world like if valentine day flowers didn’t exist? It’s simple. Letters will be doing the honors. However, the world has flowers, and these are so beautiful that no one can deny them.

For a fact, if you are planning to send chocolates instead of valentine day flowers in Singapore, you miss the spirit of love. Flowers are the best gift for the day. Also, it should be Red Rose. This flower has been the symbol of love and romance for centuries.

Interestingly, during the Victorian Era, society was not open much as it’s now. Showing your love openly was not the right choice, but secrecy played the messenger’s role behind the curtains of formality. The then couples expressed their love, and secret admirers maintained their relationships with flowers.

The study of flowers was quite famous among lovers at that time. Flowers were the secret messages. It was complex to frame messages, but nobody could resist love and its mysteries!

If you are planning to send valentine day flowers in Singapore, do send the right message. For instance, if you send 101 roses, you are asking your love interest to become one and only. Or, if you are planning on something big, like 999 roses, you are telling the person, love will never fade, no matter comes next. Also, avoid sending 15 roses, it says, you are sorry for having someone close.

Indeed, you can send other flowers as well to express the person’s place in your life, but it’s valentine’s day, and without the actual valentine day flowers, you will lack something.

In conclusion, order valentine day flowers in Singapore to make your love interest the one and only with Prince Flower Shop. Do call us before the special day! Roses are getting booked by the minute!

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