Sunflower meanings and symbolism
1. Longevity & Life
2. Happiness
3. Platonic love
4. Considered auspicious in Chinese cultures
5. Always seeks out light
6. Symbolizes the sun, and thus life-giving forces and bountiful harvest etc.
7. Summer


Close your eyes and picture a Sunflower. The large flower head, the vibrant yellow colors, the contrasting yet calming green colors of its long stalks. Your day has already been brightened by the colorful imagery. Commonly grown as a crop for its seeds, their bright colors and practicality has made it a household name.

Suggested by its namesake, the Sun, the Sunflower represents life, happiness, and hope. As they grow, Sunflowers track the sun’s path as it blazes through the sky. This behavior can be used to illustrate the desire to seek life, and in turn, seek hope. In the Chinese culture, Sunflowers are used as a symbol of longevity and good luck. They also signify adoration and loyalty and is often given on anniversaries.

Sunflower symbolize: Adoration, loyalty, life & longevity, happiness, hope, good luck, friendship, platonic love, faithfulness.

Gifting Sunflowers is a simple way to brighten up a person’s day. Send them to a friend to express your gratitude and love or present them to a fresh graduate to congratulate them on their achievements. Furbish your next anniversary with some Sunflowers to remind them of your undying loyalty and faith. Whatever the occasion, Sunflowers represent and exude joy and good vibes, and are the ideal flowers for any of such events.

How to take care of Sunflowers

The measures one can take to keep their sunflowers fresh for up to one week are simple and are similar to other flowers. Here are some tips and tricks to keep your flowers fresh upon receiving them.

Tall vase for a tall flower

As Sunflowers have a long stalk, it would be ideal to keep them in a vase of similar height. This helps them maintain stability, and in turn keep them fresh.

Cut the stems

Every 2 days replace the water in the vase and cut the stems at an angle while submerged. This is to prevent any air from entering the fresh cut veins of the flower, oxidizing it from the inside.

Trim the leaves

Remove and leaves that are in the water when placed in the vase, as they’ll promote bacteria growth, which will wilt the flowers as they build up.

No heat or sunlight

The sunflowers are bright enough by themselves, and do not require sunlight to maintain its form. Keep them in the shade and away from heat to prevent the petals from drying.

No matter the occasion, a bouquet of Sunflowers is a sure-fire way to illuminate anybody’s day.
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