Box and Basket

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  • SGD110.00

    Indulge with this bountiful fruit basket! The fresh assortment of fruits, coupled with a sunflower arrangement and a choice selection of biscuits, is guaranteed to bring on happy smiles. Rounding up the arrangement are nourishing tonics – birds’ nest and chicken essence will replenish the body. The perfect combination for gratification.

  • SGD130.00

    This simple, understated chocolate flower basket is an excellent gift for a close friend, loved one, or colleague. The box of Ferrero Rocher will sweeten the day for the receiver, and the carefully curated flower arrangement will lift the mood as well. This will definitely make the receiver very happy!

  • SGD135.00

    Spoil your loved ones, or that special someone, with this luxurious fruit hamper. On top of the classic nourishing tonics of birds’ nest and chicken essence, this package also contains fish essence, which is also good for both the body and soul. Show them you really care with this elegant hamper!