Baby Hamper

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Check out our wide range of new-born/ baby shower gifts, and baby hampers in Singapore to give tender blessings to the new parents and their precious little one.

  • SGD65.00 SGD58.50

    Show how much you care for your friends and loved ones with this basket of specially selected health products. Chicken essence nourishes the weary body, birds’ nest replenishes energy, and prunes are excellent in promoting digestion.

  • SGD75.00

    Look no further for a gift for baby’s first month with this hamper. Containing the most essential items for taking care of baby in the first few months, a plushie for baby’s comfort, and important supplements for mother, this simple, yet classic, hamper embodies well-wishes for both mother and child.

  • SGD85.00 SGD76.50

    Feeling weary and exhausted, or know someone who needs a pick-me-up? Fret not, as this hamper of birds’ nest and chicken essence will definitely boost immunity, promote overall health and rejuvenate the receiver. A small customizable bouquet at the side allows you to send well-wishes to the receiver of your choice.

  • SGD85.00

    Send your congratulations to new parents on the birth of their newborn with this hamper. This thoughtful package contains the necessary items needed to ensure a comfortable and happy baby. Perfect to support parents with busy schedules, and to give them peace of mind for their baby.

  • SGD95.00 SGD85.50

    Show that special someone how much you care for their health and wellbeing with this hamper! Wholesome chicken essence and nourishing birds’ nest will replenish and refuel; while fruits are essential for overall wellbeing. A small sunflower arrangement is guaranteed to send a ray of sunshine into his/her heart.

  • SGD110.00

    Indulge with this bountiful fruit basket! The fresh assortment of fruits, coupled with a sunflower arrangement and a choice selection of biscuits, is guaranteed to bring on happy smiles. Rounding up the arrangement are nourishing tonics – birds’ nest and chicken essence will replenish the body. The perfect combination for gratification.

  • SGD110.00

    Show your care and concern for a new mum with this bouquet and hamper combination. The bouquet conveys congratulations for the birth, and the items supplement this by addressing baby’s essential needs. While versatile as a gift, this hamper especially suits vists to new mums after delivery.

  • SGD135.00 SGD121.50

    Spoil your loved ones, or that special someone, with this luxurious fruit hamper. On top of the classic nourishing tonics of birds’ nest and chicken essence, this package also contains fish essence, which is also good for both the body and soul. Show them you really care with this elegant hamper!