4 Reasons Why Flowers are the Perfect Gift for Every Occasion

4 Reasons Why Flowers are the Perfect Gift for Every Occasion

Finding the perfect gift sounds easy, but before you know it, you’re scratching your head trying to find something that’ll not only make someone feel special but also let you show that someone just exactly how you feel about them on this occasion.

That’s why we’re here to save you from all those hours of searching the internet or hunting high and low at your nearest shopping malls.

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7 Unconventional Flower Arrangements to Send to Someone Special

If you want to send flowers to that special person in your life, why not think outside the box for a change? Most flower shops in Singapore often suggest roses but, quite frankly, they’re just not as memorable these days. So, where do you start when deciding what flower arrangement, you want to send to a loved one? Here are our eight unconventional flower bouquets to send for your next special occasion!


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5 Tips for Maintaining Your Bouquet of Flowers

Sending flowers is an excellent gift idea and is sure to brighten up someone’s day. But the thing about bouquets is that as beautiful as they are when we receive them, they often don’t last as long as we’d like. But fret not, there are tons of helpful and simple tips you can use to keep your fresh flower arrangement looking as lovely as the moment you got it!

1. Handling Your Bouquet

If you have just bought a bouquet or have been lucky enough to receive a bouquet as a gift,

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