3 Easy Ways to Preserve Your Beautiful Bouquet

Who says that the joy that flowers bring you have to be short-lived? Beautiful bouquets deserve to have their charms appreciated for a long time, even more so when they are associated with great memories. Whether it be your wedding bouquet or a birthday gift, or presented to you by a loved one, you can easily have a keepsake of the beautiful blossoms not only as a part of your scrapbook but as decorations in your house as well.

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The allure of a Rose

Nobody can deny the charm of a vibrant red rose. Throughout every civilization that has ever existed, roses has always been a symbol of love and passion. Be it names, places, literature, or color, anything associated with the word “Rose” simply exudes passion and romanticism.

The words a rose would whisper

So what exactly makes a Red Rose so romantic? In the language flowers, Roses represent love and its many forms.

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Sunflower meanings and symbolism
1. Longevity & Life
2. Happiness
3. Platonic love
4. Considered auspicious in Chinese cultures
5. Always seeks out light
6. Symbolizes the sun, and thus life-giving forces and bountiful harvest etc.
7. Summer


Close your eyes and picture a Sunflower. The large flower head, the vibrant yellow colors, the contrasting yet calming green colors of its long stalks.

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