Flowers for the Heartbroken: What To Send To Cheer Someone Up

Like any good BFF, you’re always there for your friends through thick and thin. While you celebrate every success they get, it’s equally important to send your thoughts when things are on the downturn for them. Sometimes though, life gets in the way and if you cannot be physically present to help them grieve, sending flowers to remind them that you have their backs can bring a bit of sunshine into their day. 

Whether it’s because of the death of a loved one,

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What Flower Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Regardless if you believe in horoscopes or not, zodiac signs and personality quizzes are harmless fun. At most, it gives you insight into the personality traits that are ascribed to the category you belong to, and maybe even help you make your decision on what bouquet to send your loved ones.


Aries: The Ram
Mar 21 – Apr 19
Flower: Gerbera

As the first of the zodiac,

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What Would the World Be Like If Valentine Day Flowers Didn’t Exist?

In literature and cinematography, valentine day flowers are the symbol of eternal love. The study of flowers, floriography listed every kind of flower and its mythical and contemporary meanings in every person’s mind.

So, are not you finding a florist who will become your love courier to send valentine day flowers in Singapore? Do read further and get a grip on confidential information about flowers, valentine’s day,

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